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Top MLM Companies 2013

February 11th, 2013 update: I recently joined a luxury travel MLM and I’m friggin’ loving it.  Huge $5,000 commissions, keep all sales, almost no competition, travel the world in style, while profiting big – need I say more?  See my review here for more details…

Here’s a current list of the top MLM companies in 2013.

I’ll be updating this list often, so any changes in rankings should be accounted for.

I should point out that this list is based off public interest, which is determined by assessing the amount of searches for each respective company listed (source: MLM Rankings).

Top 10

  1. Avon
  2. Mary Kay Cosmetics
  3. Pampered Chef
  4. Scentsy
  5. Herbalife International
  6. Thirty-One
  7. Melaleuca
  8. Amway
  9. Tupperware
  10. Advocare International

Not much of a surprise there, right?

Most of these MLM companies have been around for ages and I’m sure we all know an Aunt Susie or cousin Tony who’s tried to corner you into a pitch for one of these opportunities.

Just look at your Facebook news feed.

Mine’s littered with those select few friends and family members who think the best way to sell tupperware, makeup and supplements is to slam those you have influence over with as many silly offers as you can.

Highly annoying, not to mention ineffective.

And as much as I hate to say it – because I feel like these “MLM offenders” should recognize how annoying they are – it’s not entirely their fault.

Nope, their ‘shove it in the face of everyone you know’ business philosophy was likely taught to them by one of the old school network marketing companies listed above.

See, traditional MLM companies evolved way before the internet ever existed.

Therefore, telling new recruits to hit up friends and family members probably was the most surefire way for them to achieve success.

Not the case today, in 2013, when we’ve got something called the ol’ world wide web at our fingertips.

Regardless of the specific MLM home based business opportunity you might decide to join forces with, please realize that there is a much better way to generate leads, build your downline and sell products.

I like to refer to it as digital hustling.

Because it sounds so much cooler than online marketing.

Either way, instead of being the weirdo spamming Facebook or the dude (or dudette) who everyone secretly hopes doesn’t show up to Thanksgiving dinner… for fear of a high pressure, uncomfortable pitch-fest…

… what if I told you you could bypass all that outdated garbage and make more money faster and easier than ever before?

No picking up the phone.

No more looking at friends and family as mere dollar signs.

No home parties or hotel meetings.

No pounding the pavement, handing out cards, flyers or other crap.

INSTEAD, what if all you had to do is write simple blog posts (like I’m doing here) whenever you feel like it, without ever having to pitch your opportunity face-to-face with anyone…

… and you could market to the entire world in such a calculated way that buyers would come to you.

And not the other way around.

Would that sound like a breath of fresh air?  Can you rationalize how this new school MLM marketing attack would be much more efficient and enjoyable to operate?

If so, you’ll probably want to read this, and this, then watch this video to see how I’m fixing to blog my way to a monthly income that rivals what most people are making in an entire year, at a job they cannot stand.

After checking out the resources above, your eyes will be wide open.

You’ll discover exactly how to leverage an up and coming MLM biz opp, using the internet, to cash-in quicker and easier than you could with any other outdated, low-paying opportunity out there.

I’m just saying…

The #1 MLM Blogger,

Brad Campbell


About the author: Profit Pimp helps network marketers overcome their Kool-Aid addiction. Like Danny DeVito in a purple El Camino, he’s neato. Read his stuff. After all, it’s free — unlike prostitution.

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  • Jack Bastide February 20, 2013, 2:39 pm


    You can’ be the #1 MLM Blogger … cause I am :)

    you can be # 2 though :)

    Seriously though, it take a lot of commitment .. but it’s worth it

    Jack Bastide

    • Brad Campbell February 20, 2013, 4:54 pm

      Haha, love it. You and I will be battling it out for that top spot. It is, and I’ve noticed the harder you push, the more determined you become. Just think where we’ll both be in 12-months ;-)

  • Pete Hines October 21, 2013, 5:32 pm

    please contact me………thanks,Pete

    • Brad Campbell October 21, 2013, 5:37 pm

      … concerning?

  • Michelle April 7, 2015, 2:59 pm

    Ok so after reading through several of your blog posts and realizing I am pretty much in the same place you were after investing and becoming an Advisor with a certain company, we won’t mention the name (A*******). I am a people person but I’m not much of a phone person and don’t like to feel like I’m pressuring people into something. I am a people pleaser and hate to feel as though I’m bothering people because I know how I feel when someone is trying to sell me something that I’m not really interested in. I think I may have somewhat a commit issue as well and hate when I’m being pressured to do something. I hate deadlines and don’t want to be pushed. I want to do things at my own pace without someone constantly in the background trying to check up on my progress, basically hounding to get others to sign up, and since I joined I feel like this is what I have experienced so far. I hoped that I would be able to possibly promote online without having to interact physically but that doesn’t seem to be an option according to others above me. It wasn’t until after I made such a huge investment that I found your website and really wished that I had found it sooner and my choice may have been quite different. I would like to know more about your JK program, but honestly as I said before I’m not much of a phone person. Would you be able to communicate with me more about the program via email?

    • Brad Campbell April 8, 2015, 7:39 am

      haha I hear ya Michelle. The best way to learn more about Job Killing via email is to go to: http://JobKilling.com/START and sign up to see all of our student case studies.

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