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MLM Genealogy Leads Lists: Marketing For Morons?

Buying lists of MLM genealogy leads is one of the dumbest ways for a struggling network marketer to spend his or her time and money.

Sure, back in the day, way before Facebook or Google or the internet, in general, I can see it.

But in 2013, you’d have to be an absolute moron to buy into this concept.

By the way, genealogy leads, for those that don’t know, are basically lists of former network marketers’ contact information.

The pitch for companies selling these leads goes like this:

  • An inexpensive way for you to build your business from day one (commentary: gee, you’re going to hand over thousands of hot prospects for pennies?  These must be some leads.)
  • Genealogy leads are already sold on the idea of MLM, therefore sidestepping a major hurdle (commentary: I have to say I agree here, and that’s why they were a viable way of prospecting back in the dinosaur days.)
  • These people already have marketing skills and you won’t have to waste time training them (commentary: I doubt washed-up MLMers who weren’t successful in their former opportunities are gonna magically become marketing superstars when they join my team.)
  • Genealogy lists are waiting to buy what you’re selling (commentary: umm okay, so why wouldn’t you, Mr. seller of leads, just join a high-paying MLM company and market that directly to these golden leads yourself?  Wouldn’t that make you far more cheddar?)
  • Many of these leads are heavy hitters or have relationships with other leaders (commentary: seriously?  Now you’re just flat-out lying to me.  Yeah, I’m sure there are some former seven figure network marketers sitting by their phone, anxiously awaiting my awkward phone call, where I can then bless them with an unbelievable opportunity to make me lots of money.)

There are probably more so-called benefits, but I think you get the point.

It all sounds warm and fuzzy until that thing called common sense kicks in.

Then you realize that in today’s digital environment, where information is so readily available it’s sickening, genealogy lists are a whacky idea.

The truth is, nobody needs you to pitch them your MLM.

Not only is our society sick and tired of being sold to, but really, the idea of attempting to sell your shit to someone who hasn’t asked for your pitch, is becoming extinct.

Why would I need your “courtesy” call (or email or spam) to enlighten me about your dealio?

If I wanted to know about your dealio, I’d pick up that little thing called my iPhone (that never leaves my side)… or pop open that clever thing called my laptop (which is always within arm’s reach)…

… and in a few clicks, I’ll have found out everything I wanted to know, made my own decision and if I was interested in your dealio, even found who I wanted to buy through.

And all without having to sit there while you vomit some bogus high-pressure pitch at me, like I’m a complete idiot who thinks you’ve really got my well-being – and not dollar signs – in mind.

Durrrr… I wouldn’t.

I mean, door-to-door sales used to be popular back in the day too.

Now how many unexpected “brrrrings” (that’s my virtual doorbell sound) you getting these days?

Very few, if any.

And I don’t know about you, but if some a-hole does have the balls to interrupt my family, without an invite, and think he’s gonna outsmart me into buying something I wasn’t even looking for…

… I answer that damn door fuming, fists clenched.

Not exactly in the “sure, please pitch away, I’ve got time” frame of mind.

See what I’m saying?

There, I’ve done my good deed for the day.

If you landed on this page because you were actually considering the outdated and ineffective idea of purchasing MLM genealogy leads, I just saved you a great deal of time and money.

But now, you’re probably asking how you should go about getting leads then, right?

Here’s what I’ve done (with lots of success and without annoying anyone in the process):

I promise you: follow those five steps and you’ll turn on a steady stream of high quality network marketing leads.  Seriously, that lead generation formula cannot fail – only you can.

Build a smarter MLM business in 2013,

Brad Campbell


About the author: Profit Pimp helps network marketers overcome their Kool-Aid addiction. Like Danny DeVito in a purple El Camino, he’s neato. Read his stuff. After all, it’s free — unlike prostitution.

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  • Scott Edington March 16, 2014, 10:53 am

    Enjoyed the read. My guess is there is less than 1% of these leads that will talk to you and most of those are probably dabbling in the market somewhere else already. I think I would rather type up 5 articles than call 100 people with zero results. I am helping my wife build her business and have been out of the industry for 2-3 years. It is starting to feel like everything has evolved way out of my knowledge :).

    • Brad Campbell March 17, 2014, 8:12 am

      I agree, I try to build my biz around attracting ppl that already want to buy what I’m selling, as opposed to pressuring those who could care less.

      Finding much less resistance this way :)

      Haha, it’s not that bad, trust me (the technology part).

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