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Justin Verrengia, Empower Network, Kim Kardashian

Justin Verrengia, Empower Network and Kim Kardashian…

What in the hell could all three possibly have in common, right?


I mean, did Justin brainwash Kim into thinking she, too, was a “Jedi Hippie?”

Not quite.

But they’ve both managed to do one thing extremely well: CELEBRITIZE.

(That’s when you become a celebrity then monetize the shit out of it.  Just made that up.  Cool word, huh?)

Sure, on different stages and to much different extents.

But think about it.

Justin Verrengia Empower Network

Justin was good at blogging; Kim was good at having a big booty being a socialite; but it wasn’t until they “celebritized” themselves that money started flowing like water.

Now Kim Kardashian makes bookoo bucks as a reality TV star and Justin Verrengia raked in over $80,000 last month as an Empower Network blogger.

They’re both talented at their respective crafts — no, I’m not a Kardashian-hater, I’m a congratulator — but I think it’s safe to say, neither one would be such an elite earner if it weren’t for their remarkable ability to celebritize.

My point?

And how it relates to you?

Simple: being a celebrity doesn’t just apply to, well, celebrities.

Actors, artists, reality TV stars, etc — these aren’t the only peeps who can profit handsomely from becoming well-known.

Don’t let Justin’s what-do-I-know-I’m-just-a-hippie persona fool you.

Dude is a masterful marketer.  He knows this.  So does his better half.

Justin and D Verrengia

Him and his wife, D Verrengia, have systematically built their Empower Network celebrity status over the past 6-months or so.

And the bigger Team Verrengia becomes, the bigger their bank account becomes.

They get it.

At least on some level, Justin and D Verrengia understand that the more they link their beautiful faces to the Empower Network movement, the more valuable they become in the eyes of soon-to-be Empower Network members.

Nowadays, prospects seek them out.

Go figure.

A little over a year ago, Justin was cold calling fools, hammering the phone lines up to 16-hours a day.

He was practically begging others to join his deal.

And getting nowhere.

Fast forward to present day and the Jedi Hippie commands commissions to flood his back office, while he’s out somewhere exotic doing yoga poses.

What changed?

Did he undergo major personal growth?  Sure.

Did he become a better marketer?  Yep.

Did he take obscene amounts of action?  You betcha.

Did he step outside of his comfort zone?  Damn straight.

Did he evolve into one helluva leader?  Abso-freakin-lutley.

All of those things, and probably many more, played a part in Justin’s meteoric rise to the top of the Empower Network leaderboard.

But, from my perspective, the single greatest contributing factor was his impressive ability to build his celebrity.

Him and his wife D have become, to Empower Network, what the Kardashian clan has to pretty much the whole damn world: KNOWN.

Important.  Relevant.  Recognized.  Adored.  Maybe even hated (by some).

Whatever you wanna call it, the average person in or outside of Empower Network has probably heard of Justin Verrengia.

They could probably even tell you what he looks like, who his wife is, what he likes to do in his spare time, where he lives and how much he’s making.

So, my $80,000 per month (and climbing) question to both myself and to you is this: does anybody give a damn about us?

Are we all of those things I just listed?

Or any of ‘em, even?

Probably not.

Could we be?  I don’t see why not.

“But Brad, I have no desire to be so well-known, even if it is just by the Empower Network crowd.”

I hear ya.  Me either.

I’m extremely introverted.  And I’m not saying you have to become an Empower Network celeb to make good money — far from it.

Plenty of leaders are making a pretty penny without being in the spotlight whatsoever.

So relax.

I’m not twisting your arm on celebritizing yourself.  I’m merely asking you to consider the impact it could have on your network marketing business.

You can’t deny what it’s done for Justin.

And while the thought of being so vulnerable may make us both uncomfortable, so does underachieving.

With that, suppose we get all Jedi-crazy and test this celebritize thingy out.

How are Justin and D doing it and doing it and doing it well?

(Couldn’t resist.)

Justin Verrengia Empower Network Blog

JV’s Empower Network blog isn’t just a blog — it’s an experience.

Him and D don’t just write posts — they invite you into their world.

They’re not just publishing “me too” content and calling it quits — they’re spreading their vision like wildfire.

Justin and D Verrengia are everywhere.

I can’t listen to an Inner Circle audio without Justin or D either on it as the featured speaker, introducing the featured speaker, or being talked about by the featured speaker.

I can’t watch an Empower Network event clip with seeing Justin and D.

I rarely hear a Dave Wood or Dave Sharpe story that doesn’t involve them or a teammate they’ve personally touched.

Pics, vids, audios, word of mouth — you name it, they can claim it.

They’ve blanketed the entire Empower Network industry with nonstop hustle and genuine mojo.

They’ve earned it.

I’m happy for them.

I’m inspired by them.

And I continue to learn from them.

It’s funny, I listed “being everywhere” as one of the activities I absolutely must do on a daily basis to get where I want to go, and yet, I’ve struggled with following-through.

I know I can take this blog from solid to epic with a little more focus on celebritizing, Justin Verrengia style.

I hope you’ll follow the leader and do the same.

Empower Network celebrity-in-training,

Brad Campbell

P.S. – Here’s why I’m Empower Network’s #1 blogger.


About the author: Profit Pimp helps network marketers overcome their Kool-Aid addiction. Like Danny DeVito in a purple El Camino, he’s neato. Read his stuff. After all, it’s free — unlike prostitution.

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  • Camron Boyle February 24, 2014, 12:08 pm

    Justin V is one of the guys that inspired me to do what I want with my life. You have also helped me a lot Brad!! But I think the haters are just looking for a get rich quick and easy plan and when they fail to follow through they need to blame their failure on someone else. In this world it seems the more haters you have the better life your living. I say bring em’ on!! Like Katt Williams says “You Ain’t doing good unless your stackin at least a hater a day.” or something like that:)

    • Brad Campbell February 24, 2014, 12:11 pm

      lol, dude I LOVE Kat Williams. So funny and so true.

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