Internet Lifestyle Network Review 2014

This is not another thoughtless Internet Lifestyle Network review.  Yes, I was in it for a few weeks when it first launched.  Made some cash:


But then I got out to focus on my primary business: Empower Network.

I built it to about $250,000 before realizing this industry is just too slimy for my taste.

I’ve got nothing bad to say about the Internet Lifestyle Network or its founders, Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson.

I actually think they’re genuine guys who give a damn about their members.

And after going through a few of their courses, I know they bring the heat.

If you study the ILN curriculum, you’ll be a better internet marketer because of it.

But let’s be honest.

No one joins any MLM strictly for the products.

Especially one where the products teach you how to make money online.

Laugh out loud.

So the question is: can you make money promoting ILN?

Well, I did.

But at the risk of sounding like a total ass, there’s a good chance you won’t.

And that’s not a diss against Internet Lifestyle Network.  It’s a diss against the industry.

MLM Is Dumb

It’s even dumber when you take it online.

By the very nature of the MLM model, if a good percentage of the reps (in any deal) were successful, the entire world would be in it in a matter of months.

The whole idea is based on logic that requires almost everyone to fail.

Then?  Take it to the internet… and what happens?

Things get worse.

How so?  Because you’ve only got a few quality traffic sources.  Think about it.

You could rank in Google.

But only 10 sites can do that–’cause who looks past the first page of search results these days?  Not me.  Probably not you, either.

So Google’s tapped after 10 solid players hog up the front page for the main terms.

Kinda like I am right now.  Wink.

Then, you’ve got YouTube.  Same thing.

Hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands of talking heads start uploading near-useless video footage–all reciting the same overplayed one-liners about the company comp plan (or whatever).

Before long, everyone’s heard it.  No one cares.  The message gets watered down.  The space becomes saturated.

And just being seen is next to impossible, let alone heard or paid any attention.

Wait!  What about Facebook?

Surely, you could do some damage promoting ILN there, right?

[Insert buzzer sound.]

Doubtful.  Especially when the Internet Lifestyle Network courses are teaching everyone to go out and do just that.

Spam your friends and family on Facebook.

Works well for a few months.

But, like any other profitable traffic source, there’s a law of diminishing return.

Tens of thousands of ILN Facebook spammers can’t all be successful vomiting the same message to the same audience, even if it is a massive audience.

Not trying to be a hater.

It’s just basic math.

Online, what works well for the early adopters always gets copied and run into the ground by the rest of the pack.

With MLM, take what I just said and inject it with steroids.

There’s only so many buyers for something like ILN.  And only so many places these buyers hang out.  And only so many affiliates can sell to these buyers before everyone who wants in is in.

It Gets Worse

And this is something I never would’ve known without building something very similar–Empower Network–for well over a year:

See, with network marketing, you’ve gotta overcome “sponsor shopping.”

I’ll explain.

Let’s say, despite all the odds against you that I just described, you actually manage to get your message about how great ILN is, in front of Billy.

Billy’s looking to get rich quick and likes what he sees.

Now.  You were the first person to introduce Billy to the Internet Lifestyle Network, and you did such a good job, he’s really hot and bothered.

Dammit, Billy’s gonna join.

And he’s gonna do it soon.  Within the next few hours, he promises (after 14 back-and-forth emails that you so generously and meticulously replied to).

That juicy commission should be showing up any minute now.

… oh, but it never does.


You follow-up with Billy, but now he’s gone AWOL.

Won’t respond to any of your desperate emails.

You’re forced to throw in the towel.

Another dead lead.  (R.I.P. Billy’s email address.)

It stings, but time heals all wounds.  Soon, you’ve all but forget about Billy.

Until a week later, on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, when you happen to notice none other than Billy himself being welcomed into the Internet Lifestyle Network Facebook group.

Frantically, you check your back office.  Surely, there’s a sizable commission waiting for you?

Nope.  Nada.

[Refresh.  Refresh.  Refresh.]

Nothing.  Tumbleweeds blowing through your lifeless affiliate back office.

Here’s What Happened

Billy went shopping.  Sponsor shopping.

You did all the dirty work, pouring blood, sweat, tears, time, energy, and money into educating Billy about ILN and convincing him to join…

… but this wasn’t Billy’s first rodeo.

He’s been in five other MLM’s over the past two years and he understands how the game is played.

Billy knew that he could join under any sponsor he wanted and thought to himself, why not look around for the guy or gal who’s making the most money in ILN and join them instead?

I mean, wouldn’t they be able to help him succeed faster than lil’ ol’ you?

And Mr. Top Earner has this really amazing team and a list of bonuses a mile long–weekly webinars, daily calls, done-for-you blogs, paid traffic co-ops, the list goes on and on.

For the same money, you really can’t blame Billy for wanting more.

Can you?

Regardless of your answer, it happens.

Way more than anyone in-the-know will admit.

The top earners at each MLM become mini-celebrities.

The company founders are always shouting ‘em out.

They’re popping up on company calls and webinars.

They’re prancing across the stage at live events, clutching big checks.

Their names are plastered over leaderboards.

So when any newbie finally decides to pull the trigger, regardless of who they learned about the deal through, guess who benefits?

Not you.  Not most times.

A simple Google search unveils 10-20 other reps who’re much more desirable than you.

And the rich get richer.

Oh.  And working harder won’t help.

There’s only one workaround: becoming an elite level internet marketer.

But by definition, only a handful can be elite.

(Or it’d be called average, silly.)

The Cold Truth

When it’s all said and done, you’re staring down the barrel of a cutthroat business where only a few percent will make the majority of the profits.

Again, this isn’t me ripping on the Internet Lifestyle Network.

It’s me ripping on network marketing.

The stats are similar across all multi-level marketing companies, but I honestly think it’s an even steeper climb for internet-based MLM’s.

Shit gets saturated much faster over the internet.

If you look at any of the trendy online MLM’s of the past year or so (Empower Network, Internet Lifestyle Network, Wake Up Now, etc) all of ‘em see dramatic growth for about two years, then tank.

Why do you think that is?

I’m not pulling this stuff outta thin air.

When you recruit reps who recruit reps who recruit reps, and there’s only a limited audience to sell to, something’s gotta give.

Sales are what give.

They get slower and slower and eventually the once so loyal leaders are seen jumping ship.

Onto the next wave.

Ride it ’til the wheels begin falling off.

Rinse, repeat, get “stanky” rich.

That’s what the MLM moguls do.  And to be honest, I could’ve done the same.  Not trying to toot my own horn, but I’m a proven commodity.

I’ve made close to 7-figures online, to date.

I know the techie stuff.  I know how to blog.  I rank all over Google.  I’ve studied copywriting.  I can capture leads.  And I can convert leads into sales.

So I could’ve squeezed every last drop of money outta Empower, then hopped over to ILN and done the same, then found the next shiny new MLM, and so on, to infinity.

I chose not to.

I chose to get the bleep out.

Pack up my belongings, swallow my pride, and leave the MLM town.

All of these downfalls became so crystal clear after a year and a half of being inside Empower Network, that I couldn’t stand associating myself with network marketing any longer.

Naive or not, I was wrong to ignore common sense and give MLM a chance.

Like I said from the jump, I felt so strongly about this, I actually walked away from an easy income stream that had paid me around $250,000–and was still selling fairly well.

I went from advocate to stay away.

Far away.

I sponsored hundreds of people and saw very few of them get results.

I thought I could be the difference maker.  I was wrong.

Final Verdict

Should be obvious by now.  I’m anti-MLM of any sort.

Firsthand experience says you’ve got almost no shot at making real money with the Internet Lifestyle Network, or any other network marketing opportunity, for that matter.

Before I get my inbox blown up with hate mail:

ILN is cool.

Vincent and Mark are great guys.  And wicked smart.  And they absolutely care.

Their products do have real value.  They are worth the sticker price.  Most of ‘em, anyway.

And yes, there are plenty of affiliates getting results.  I know some of ‘em personally.  But like I said, these dudes are great marketers.  They’re elite.  They’d be successful with any decent offer they chose to promote online.  As would I.

Remember, you don’t hear about the tens of thousands who bought all-in and haven’t made a dime.

It always appears like everyone’s sippin’ Mai Thais on pristine white sandy beaches, while the commissions just roll on in, like the white caps against their toes.

But that’s just the top 10-20.

The other thousands?  Not so much.  They’re sitting in rush hour traffic, wondering how they’ll ever pay off all that credit card debt.

Some, still foolishly holding out hope that MLM’s their lottery ticket.

If only they could crack the code on cashing it in.

I know the code.

It’s called being the best of the best.  Then?  Yes, it’s easy to make autopilot income with ILN.

But even then, it’s not all cherries and berries.

Because once you reach this coveted top earner pinnacle, it’s more money, more problems.

One major one:

Can you sleep good at night knowing what you now know?

I was fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough, depending on who you ask) to face that problem.

I got into Empower Network.  Got busy.  Got paid.

Only because I was one of the very best bloggers promoting it.

I murdered it and honestly believed I could take my downline with me.

Didn’t happen.

The more people I sponsored, the more apparent this became.

It got to a point where I was so sure the average newcomer would fail, I could no longer look in the mirror and feel good about promoting it.

I’m no saint.

But I’ve got a whole new perspective on these top earners who’ve been in MLM’s for years, bouncing from one to the next, making millions, knowing what they know.


It all boils down to this:

With online network marketing, the odds of you ever making job-replacing income are so drear, it’s depressing.

But even if you’re thickheaded enough to think you can overcome those odds (like I did), you’ve still gotta be okay with getting rich off almost everyone below you failing.

Don’t gimme the, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get my team results” shit, either.

Did you not read everything I explained above?

It won’t happen.

It can’t happen.

It’s mathematically impossible.

Multi-level marketing is not a real business.  It’s not sustainable.

And that’s on top of having zero control, dealing with small commissions, waiting weeks or even months to get paid, trading dignity for dollars, and feeling ashamed about what you’re doing.

Hey, just my opinion.  Take it or leave it.

And to be fair, six months ago, I was singing a completely different song.

(That’s embarrassing.)

So I get it.  I see how you can get caught-up in the hype.  And I appreciate that supporters can probably come up with strong rebuttals against everything I’ve laid out here.

MLM is one of those polarizing topics.

Almost everyone either loves it or hates it.  And I know I’m not the only one who went from hating it, to liking it, back to hating it.

It’s about timing, experiences and worldviews.

Depending on who you ask and when you ask them and what type of luck they have or haven’t had with network marketing in the past, you’ll hear all sorts of crazy shit.

Oh.  And everyone’s got an agenda.

Including me.

Speaking of which…

Next Move

While I can’t recommend you join something that real-life experience tells me won’t work, I’m not above doing the opposite.

I’ve got you here.

Have your full attention (if you’ve stayed with me this long).

And assuming you’re picking up what I’m putting down about online MLM not exactly being the best way to generate income online, surely, there’s an alternative I can recommend–right?


I know a guy (me) who knows a method (“Local Mogul”) that works incredibly well (for many of the peeps I’ve taught it to).

Mainly because it solves all the problems that I identified with trying to build a network marketing business on the internet.

Press play to learn more:

Then cough up your email below for a second video that connects the dots.

(See how to make job-killing income using this method.)

Where do I send it?

Awesome.  I’ll be all up in your inbox, after the jump.

Profit Pimp

141 thoughts on “Internet Lifestyle Network Review 2014

  1. Rock on Brad, you are going to be a leader of our community no doubt!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the top of our leader boards!


    Vincent Ortega Jr.

    • Awesome of you to stop by! I’m a big fan of what you guys are doing — can’t wait to scoop up all your products and tear through ‘em one by one.

      I WILL be at the top and I’m sure I’ll be on that jet of yours sippin’ bubbly some day ;-)

      Thanks for everything!


      • yeah babbbyyy! Sippin’ on that bubbly fosho!

        I am HUGE FAN of what you are doing brother…

        You are a legit blogging machine!

        I would love for you to do a private training for our community no doubt, since we are launching these sexy blogs!

        I can’t wait to see you tear this up when you actually try lol!

        A freakin’ blog post and you are hitting the leader boards!

        your nuts bro!

        love it


        Vincent Jr.

        • Thanks bro, consider it done!

          Lovin’ the ILN culture you’ve created and everything you and Mark stand for. Having a ton of fun already and just getting warmed up.

          Woot woot!


  2. Hey Brad,
    So excited to be on your team in this :) I just signed up after watching your videos on ILN. Been stalking your blog for about a week now, learning, learning, and absorbing. I found it while searching for additional training for Empower Network… kinda wish I’d found it while I was just researching before signing up, but I’m on a good team there as well. But now I’m with you in ILN and looking forward to your training, your opinions, your input… Yay!

    • Sara, you rock. Thanks for putting your faith in me. We are gonna have a ton of fun and build killer businesses in the process. I’ll email you access to all the Team Mojo goodies today.

  3. Hey Brad,

    I just pulled the trigger and signed up for ILN!

    Over the last two weeks, I’ve been exploring your blog like a mad man!

    In that short period of time, I’ve developed a high level of respect for you and your hype-free style of Marketing.

    You just don’t see Internet Marketers like yourself too often anymore.

    Anyway… After I stumbled onto this post about ILN and seen that you were still in the early stages of building this business, I thought it would be pretty awesome to sign up myself and follow along with you as you do what you do best.

    Plus, I have a feeling that the information in the Apprentice Training will help me take my other businesses to higher level.

    It’s time for me to dig in to ILN!

    To your success,

    • Awesome Jason, just emailed you with access to all the Team Mojo training and private Facebook group.

      Help, not hype. That’s the way to go. It’s worked incredibly well for me.

      Let’s make it happen together buddy.

  4. Hi Brad,

    I just signed up for $14.95 with ILN. I think this can really help me. (I’m with Empower Network but with another team and really think your blog info can help me). Thanks, Myra

    • Hi Myra, I did not receive commission for your purchase, so unless it just hasn’t show up yet, I cannot grant you access. If I see your name come through my back office, I’ll email you with access to everything right away.

  5. Hello Brad, your blog is awesome! I’m really serious in making money, but I’m just lack of money. At first I thought of joining you in empower network but I see you only accept and coach people that ready to get all in. Anyhow, is this ILN also similar to en? You also offering coach for this programme?

    • Thanks Alvern. Yes, it’s similar and very, very good for the money. I offer coaching and support for ILN as well, yes.

  6. New to EN….need some help….already on another “Team” but not getting much assistance. Any advice?

    Got no problem charging ahead, but feel really confused at this point, every answer I get from folks is obsequious and not helpful.

    There’s got to b more than simply blogging incessantly daily…at least at my level. I would really love to have a coach or mentor that gives a crap.


    • Hi Malcolm, my advice is to join me inside ILN and get “real” advice from a “real” blogger who’s “really” making big money from a simple lil blog.

      That’s what I can offer.

      If not, I’ve got 3 tips to keep in mind:

      1) Whatever you do, only spend time, energy, and money on positioning your message in front of BUYERS.

      2) Don’t be average. When you get in front of those BUYERS, you gotta do something that makes you standout, so they’ll give a damn.

      3) On good and bad days, your actions need to stay the same. Identify those select few money-making tasks, and do ‘em, day in and day out, without wavering.

      I think, as you pointed out, your main issue right now is that you’ve been given sh*t advice on what those tasks are.

      I can help, but you gotta pay to play :)

      Consider ILN.

      • hey B I’m ready to follow your advice.
        I’m with EN right now but I feel like I’m dragging a dead horse.
        all responses i get from sponsors/team members are vague and obscure, nobody has ever given me action steps. i’ll do whatever it takes, but i’m not comfortable with non-stop pep-talks. I need help.
        can you email me with suggestions?
        dr m

  7. Hi Brad,

    had sent you email about three days ago, in the meantime I’ve been all over your cool blog just taking in all the good advice and positive and constructive info you’re giving on it. Great job and it’s certainly been very uplifting for me, especially after all the trials I’ve been going through.

    And early this morning, about 3am I came across this blog on the ILN. Then I spent the next two hours just listening to their pre-launch webinar. I must say I’m hooked.

    And if I can get in with you as sponsor, coach, mentor and all the rest of it, I’m all ready to soak it all in and then rock and roll. It’s been such a mess every other time I’ve tried and like I mentioned in my email, I’ve absolutely got no choice but to put in all the effort required to finally get where I want and deserve to be. And I think the first step at 14.95 is absolutely doable. Scale it up from there as quick as I can.

    Please email me on your thoughts. I’m looking forward to you.

    Regards, Eila

  8. If I get all in VIP before midnight 8-21-2013, at the discounted rate. What do I get?
    What is the cost? (I can’t make it to the party, not sure if that affects the price.)
    Will you teach and coach me how to do everything I need to do to make the big money in EN and ILN?
    I’m willing to go all in ILN if you promise to work with me and coach me in both EN and ILN. Send me your sign up page for all in at the discounted price.
    I know time is short so email me if we need talk, I’ll email my number back to you, or you can send me your number and we can call, or text if we need to talk.

    • Hi Richard, you get the following courses for free:

      Leadership Branding For Direct Response: “How To Create An 8-Figure Marketing Mindset” ($195)

      Solomon CEO: “21 Ancient Secrets For Entrepreneurial Leadership” ($495)

      The 8-Figure Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint: “Step-By-Step Formula For Creating ‘Must-Have’ Digital Products” ($995)

      Plus, VIP treatment at the live event (hummer limo ride, exclusive dinner, etc — but don’t worry, I can’t make the event, either, as I’ll be outta town this weekend).

      All for the price of Mark Hoverson’s newest creation:

      Solomon $10,000,000+: “How To Earn Over $10,000,000 In 5 Years” ($1,495)

      Yes, I’m here for ya every step of the way. Let’s crush it!

  9. I signed up for the Apprentice Membership. I really can’t afford to get the VIP and pay $125 / month to ILN and pay $125 / month to EN. So I don’t know how much you can help me at that level. I love the way you talk through your blog.

    • Hey buddy, thanks again for your purchases. I hope you received my welcome email. I’m gonna be there for you 100%, regardless of which level you joined at.

    • Hi Barb, well I’ve invested in ILN for the education and the wisdom, not the income potential.

      That said, you don’t need to own any of the products beyond the Apprentice Membership to earn commissions on the higher priced products, which is a massive upside.

      With almost no real effort yet beyond publishing this half-done review, I believe I’ve already had 2 days where I’ve earned over $1,000 in commissions and my residual commissions are stacking each day.

      Empower Network is still a much more powerful money-maker, but I’m using ILN to take my primary biz (Empower) to the next level b/c their training is THAT good.

      A side benefit is that ILN has become another substantial income stream that will continue to grow.

      I never wanna have all my eggs in one basket.

      The Internet Lifestyle Network is something I feel good about promoting to my Empower Network team to supplement/enhance what we’re already doing inside EN…

  10. Hey Brad I just signed up for ILN I look forward to working with you and learning. Also I’m pumped up about the bonuses and info you share with your empower network team. Looking forward to creating .com lifestyle for myself and sharing and creating the same for so many who really need and want the same.

    Not to mention the great training I’ll get from ILN
    Thanks again

    • Woot woot, thanks buddy. Let’s make it happen. Appreciate you buying through me. Emailing you access to everything right now.

  11. Am I understanding that ILN is a separate blogging platform in comparison of EN? Don’t you feel that BIM is saturated, nevermind EN, with the recent explosion into international markets? You may email me.

    • Hi Julia, yes, you get a blog included with your ILN membership; however, I’m promoting it way more for the information products, which are killer. I do not really use the EN blog or the ILN blog at all right now.

      Like you said, too many people promoting the same thing the SAME WAY gets watered down pretty fast. Saturated? No. Totally overplayed? Absolutely.

      Just my 2 cents though. Appreciate you stopping by.

  12. Hi Brad,

    Now that I’ve asked a bunch of EN questions, I am here with an ILN question for you – kind of. For someone that has been on the hamster wheel without success, would you recommend starting with EN or ILN? And why?

    Feel free to hit me up via email if that is an “it depends” type answer.


    • Hi Derek, both are phenomenal and I’m lucky to be a part of each one.

      I’d put it like this: ILN probably has better marketing ‘mojo’ at the lower price points. EN’s upper level courses are phenomenal, but even ILN’s Apprentice vids are rock solid for $14.95…

      Now, from a biz opp point of view, the edge definitely goes to Empower Network. Higher commissions, more leverage with pass-up sales, and currently, more buzz (meaning, more traffic and interest for EN).

      ILN will be following suit though, as they just recently launched and I LOVE what they’re about.

      Ultimately, I think anyone who wants to build a digital empire should at some point invest in BOTH, but which one you start with would depend on where you’re current at, what you have (or don’t have) to sell, and what your primary goal is.

      If you don’t have anything to sell and money’s focus numero uno, I’d personally rock Empower Network first, then get in ILN whenever’s clever with some of those profits.

      If you have a product or service or affiliate program that you’re content selling… and just need to learn how to market it online more effectively… I’d probably rock ILN first and EN second.

      But, don’t get me wrong: there’s a ton of money to be made with ILN, too, even at 50% commissions and no pass-ups.

      Sorry to be so wishy washy.

      I dig ‘em both — it’s like asking me which of my kids I love the most :)

  13. Brad,

    I have decided to run with you in ILN. Your consistency and clear message as to what really works proved to me you are a Mentor worth sitting under. I empty my cup and look forward to developing myself and my marketing under your tutelage.


    • David, thank you SO much for the purchase buddy. I sent you access to all Team Mojo bonuses earlier this morning. Please let me know that you received ‘em. Let’s tear it up together :)

  14. hey brad,
    i’m starting to realize i need to really have my own domain if I want to rock this party.
    In EN…
    In ILN….
    but seems like a better idea to have my own domain to promote both, as well as other things down the road…
    i’m aware with ENV2 we will get that, but still think going commander solo and having MY own domain is the ticket.
    I’m interested in the private mentoring…
    can you give me a shout?

    • Hey buddy, either way is a good play. The new ENV2 is gonna rock. Of course, making your blog like mine is definitely smart as well.

      You can definitely promote both ILN and EN on the same blog, so decide which you wanna roll with and I’ll point you in the right direction.

  15. Brad,
    I entered a different email addy….I never got your email so mb it was blocked or rdirected to gosg knows where.

  16. hey brad, i am signing up for ILN also, see which one I like best. Also, when I click on big ol comissions above it takes me to a link that looks generic and i don’t see your name as the referrer? I just want to make sure you get credit. Thanks dude!


  17. Hey Brad,

    Just got the ILN membership purely so I can be mentored by your good self (in Empower team already.) Can’t remember who said it but they said you need a mentor in order to be successful.

    Can’t think of anyone who’s more knowledgable but also down to earth and approachable as you. Resonate with your message man.

    See you inside Team Mojo and can’t wait to be under your excellent guidance.



    • Hey man, thanks for the compliments and the purchase of ILN. I’m gonna hook you up big time. Sending your welcome email shortly. You rock!

  18. Hi Brad,
    Thank you very mucho for all the
    training. Ok to the point I’m already in EN
    where can I go to get the training with you?
    Thank You Again
    Kore Q

    • Hey Kore, all you have to do is click my affiliate link above and get in ILN through me. After that, I’ll email you all the goods.

  19. I’m in Brad… ready to rock this ILN/EN thing with your sage advice and guidance :)

    I suppose it helps that I’m already a GRN member at the Platinum level… can’t hurt I guess?

    Wasn’t sure if I should also sign up as ILN affiliate… seems like that makes sense but I didn’t remember you saying that, and it can be done at any time…

    Rawk On

  20. Hey Brad,

    Hoping you see that I joined ILN through you. Really excited to get on board with this and learn all I can to be successful online.

    Looking forward to your help!


  21. Wzup Brad.

    Let me explain my situation and my overall goal of being on your blog

    I work part time, am in alot of debt, and overall I want to become an entrepreneur and own my own business.

    I have scheduled to join EN through you, brad, for the $25.

    One of the comments said that you only accept people who are all in, which i would like to be, but not off top

    (let’s be real, I have to squeeze the 25 out).

    And is this the same for ILN? I would like to have a blog on both platforms, building one successful blog first before adding another one. Please clarify the offer for me so that i don’t join on tuesday and regret it (because of hidden agendas) later.

    I have watched alot of your videos in the past days. I trust that you can help me build my financial empire.

    • Hey man, well, I try to overdeliver for every teammate, regardless of where they joined me or at which level. Problem is, my team’s getting so damn big (great problem, btw, I’m not complaining) I really have to prioritize my direct help based on who’s paid the most… to be blunt ;-)

      So you’ll get all my bonuses and support, regardless, but if you’re all-in with either ILN or EN, you’ll definitely get more individual attention. I’m ready to build when you are.

  22. Hi Brad,
    I’m really glad I found your site .. could you please email me details on how I can access your training. I have very much enjoyed listening to your videos and would like to know more ..
    Thank you in anticipation . Elizabeth

  23. Hi Brad! So happy I came across your site. I am from the Caribbean and just recently started researching internet marketing (which I accidentally stumbled upon) I am an unemployed single parent with a drive that says I cannot and will not fail at these business opportunties. Looking forward to working with you on both ILN and EN. Ever heard of the level one network though?

    • Awesome Aquila… happy to take you in. Heard of it, but don’t know a whole lot about it, as I’m just focused on doing more of what’s working for me with EN and ILN.

  24. Hey Brad,

    I try to click on your ILN link ( and it takes me to a broken website page with the following message: (do you know what’s up?)

    “If you feel you have reached this page in error, please contact the web site owner:

    It may be possible to restore access to this site by following these instructions for clearing your dns cache.”

    “If you are the web site owner, it is possible you have reached this page because:

    The IP address has changed.
    There has been a server misconfiguration.
    The site may have been moved to a different server.

    If you are the owner of this website and were not expecting to see this page, please contact your hosting provider.”

    Let me know what’s up bro. feel free to email me

    • Hey, thanks for the notification, but on my end every link is working great. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch on their end? Clear your cache, reload your browser and click it again and see if it works.

      Let me know if it doesn’t, but yeah, I’ve tested all the links and they’re working fine over here.

  25. Hey Brad,
    I came across your blog a couple months ago and have periodically popped by ever since. I found you checking out who was ranking for different Empower Network terms. I’ve always been big into blogging, and have done a lot of things with it in the past, and want to take it to the next level….

    I’ve known about ILN and thought about joining b/c of the value I’ve seen in it, and seeing what you provide to your team I’m ready to come on board with you…

    Only problem is the link in this blog post doesn’t seem to be working right now… LOL

  26. Just picked up ILN under you, busy week lol

    I better be on the Christmas Card list, jk :)

    For those on the fence, get off, this guy is the real deal!!!

    Thanks, bro

  27. Yo Brad! What you’re doing out here in Internet land is insane! Love it. Do I hear you correctly – if we sign up with you for ILN, we get honorary access to team mojo for empower?

    I’m interested in potentially compacting both blogs into one like you’re doing. Do you help with that? I’m stoked to learn more, and gain wisdom under your tutelage.



  28. Hello, Brad

    I am following your blog awhile. I like the way you communicate with your business. I would like to join your team. However, I am not native English speaker and the blogging is my worst skill. do i still have a chance to partner with you?


    • Hi Cindy, if you’re willing to learn, I’m willing to teach. I think anyone who wants it bad enough and takes consistent action can have success. If that’s you, would love to partner up.

  29. Hey Brad. I’ve got this crazy idea, not sure it works.
    You see, your site already rank No.1 in Google when key-in Empower Network, so does other senior gurus. For us newbies chances to rank ourselves to land of first page are very slim. Most people will be attracted to you guys, the super gurus. Number two is that, though we wanted to commit 8 hours a day to learn up all the stuffs that you would teach and coach and start doing it but our daily jobs has already tied us down 12hours, let alone single moms with 2 jobs and kids to feed.

    Is there a way that whoever joins under you, leverage on or use your blog or content to promote or to create greater traffic and sign ups? By this everyone wins! It’s like duplicating what you are doing to sponsor people and then the people I sponsored also duplicating the same thing from you to get others to sign up.

    It’s like a “LIKE” button or “SHARE” button, and your stuffs are on my wall for my community to see.

    I’m totally new to internet marketing world, know nuts about EN and ILN, have to start from ground, and drive traffics, rank on SEOs and so on. Your coaching is great but we gotta compete with you too. Most students can’t be better than a master, unless the student already expose to Kung Fu.

    The problem with EN is we newbies unable to duplicate the results. Your coaching helps to get results but we have to compete with you too. Example: someone googled make money online, let say, this guy came across your blog and my blog. Who would he go for ? You.

    Unless those who join you can just duplicate what you have already done, all we need do is to “SHARE” your site to get traffic to come, sign up under us, you also get the pass ups…then your team will explode by numbers.

    How’s that sound?

    • Gary, I agree with everything you’ve said… which is why the 2nd video up top offers an exact solution to this problem. Because, you’re right — you probably won’t out-rank me and your content is probably not going to be as compelling as mine.

      So that’s why I’m offering to do it FOR you… so we can be on the same playing field. If I create you a unique, high performance blog like mine, then add awesome content and get you ranked in Google, it’s no longer Brad vs Newbie… it’s now “two Brad’s” who have an equal shot at capturing those leads and sales ;-)

  30. Hi Brad,
    i just joint your ILN Today. But in the middle of process filling the Buy form to become ILN member my internet drop down. is that mean ILN charge me twice time. is the first transaction success or failed. i hope ILN not charge me twice time.
    Can you check it and make sure it not double charges?
    i am join under you today.
    thank. please reply:)

  31. Hey Brad, I am an EN member also, and I learned a TON just hanging out on your blog here. I would love to get some training from you, but the link you posted is for a whole other opp (ILN).
    Is that the way?
    I appreciate all of the content on here, and I am looking forward to reciprocating the value!

  32. If I join you in ILN will I get mojo training as a bonus :-) I know you always offer super incentives for people joining your team to help them and was just wondering what you where offering for ILN

    • I just changed my access terms for joining Team Mojo (my Empower team). I have a one-time non-refundable fee that’s payable via PayPal. If interested, let me know and I’ll email you the link.

  33. Hi Brad,

    Unfortunately I joined EN under someone else before I found this blog. I wanted to get the training from team Mojo but do i get that if I join ILN?
    It said in earlier posts that that was the case but has that changed now. I would really appreciate some help on this project and not afraid of hard work

    • Funny, I literally just filmed a video about this. It’s uploading and will be posted at the top of this page in a few minutes. Basically, I just retired from ILN. See the vid for details.

      Now, the only way to get access to my personal mentoring and Team Mojo bonuses — if you’re already on another Empower Network team — is to pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of $500.

      I want serious players. That’s a steal. Most of my team is all-in, meaning they’ve paid 10 times that amount for access to my mojo, haha.

      Anyways, if you can bring hustle and tons of desire to the team, let me know and I’ll send you the PayPal link.

  34. I’m in mate please send me link

    Also wana ask what I get when you say personal mentoring i get to ask you questions about my campaign or is that from team mojo partners?

    Thanks alot

    • Hey, sending now. It’s from me, but I do it inside of our private FB group. I’m in there all day every day because I have no life haha.

  35. Hi Brad

    You don’t have to post this but is there any chance I could get the deal at the original price because caught it just the day before you changed?

    I am a hard worker and very willing to take instruction.

    If you want I can pay more when I’m blowing it up.

    I have done lots of work already but just feel with your help I can tip over the edge.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance


  36. Hi Brad, I am ready to roll at last … Have tried to find where I can purchase the ILN $14.95 program but have not had any luck.
    Where or what do I do now? Regards Elizabeth

  37. Hi Brad, I came across your blog and I was like WHAT!!!
    I am already in empower, but I have not went too far I have been in 6 months and I have 1 sign up and she wanted to cancel right before the blog beast launch….. My question is and I agree with making your page all you and not cookie cutter— can we do all that on the new system or did you have to pay to design that!! cause my sponsers page doesn’t look like mine either !! it has all the bells and whistles can you help me I am not playing around –I really want this !! Bad really bad ! but they say it is not productive to spend time with your downline as you grow cause of the lack of freedom ….I mean it makes sense but I cant help but think ….don’t you want your down line to grow!!!

    • Hey man, I definitely prefer having my own unique blog that nobody’s ever seen before. That’s why I added a Lazy Blog Design service for my readers, in case they think the same as me.

      Up to you, but I think having a cookie-cutter blog that hundreds of thousands of others are using is totally shooting yourself in the foot.

      You absolutely gotta help your downline. But be smart about it. Make videos that can hold their hand and still serve thousands, as opposed to lots of back and forth one on one support. You CAN provide awesome leadership and support without ever getting on the phone or doing email.

      I do. I leverage a private Facebook group and video training to serve thousands at once.

  38. Hi, could you tell me what types of affiliate products are available to sell through an ILN blog? Can you sell your own products (ie eBook)?
    Does ILN have a compensation plan based on sponsoring new members and helping them do well? Can you build a good income just by selling affiliate products?

  39. hey Brad,

    to get people to get into your downline would you use something like a free frontend product if they joined say like a piece of software?


  40. Hey Brad,
    I just joined EN yesterday. I signed up for the blogging platform, affiliate program and Inner Circle. I ended up on the prosperity team.

    My question is if I cancel within 3 business days of purchasing, which is stated by Dave & Dave that I’ve got those 3 days to change my mind and get a full refund – can I then sign up under your team?
    Being still within the 3 day refund period I’m thinking I may not have to wait 6 months.

  41. OMG I feel so silly!!! I got sidetracked by all the great comments about ILN , and failed to watch the video, I am already in EN so I Cant rejoin, I’m interested if you have a way to be “adopted” into your training I would like to learn SEO so if there is any way that I can learn from you, if you have a program I would go in, please email me info. Thanks again!

    • Haha no worries. Maybe I was actually updating it right when you were leaving your comment.

      Either way, I do have a new SEO coaching program. Sending you the deets now :)

  42. Hi Brad,

    Would you send me information on your SEO coaching program? Also, I checked out your services:). On the 700 word article, would I post it on a blog to monetize it? Thank you!

    • Hey! Just sent you quick email about coaching program. Yes, definitely. You’d wanna use that as one of your main “money pages” — something that you plan on ranking and/or driving lots of buyer traffic to, to sell a product or service or affiliate offer. Or whatever.

      Would love to have you as a coaching client and rock some just-take-my-credit-card-and-swipe-it content for ya. Wink.

  43. Hey I am looking into possibly joining Empower Network soon, Do you still feel confident about empower network?, I am interested in signing up under someone who can from time to time answer any questions or concerns that I may have.I want to learn this business and make as much money as possible. What kind of support do you offer newbies joining empower network?

    • Hey Keith, still love me some Empower Network; still feel confident; still crushing with it.

      I offer pretty kickass bonuses and team training and 24/7 support through a secret Facebook group.

      Learn more about all this on my partner page.

  44. This seems a lot like Empower Network. How do the blogs work though? Do you get to register your own domain instead of being on their domain?

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