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Empower Network review (top 50 affiliate retires)

Hi, I’m Brad Campbell.  I was a top 50 Empower Network affiliate.  But I no longer promote it.  Here’s why:

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Watch this video to see what I’m doing these days.

What follows is my original review, in its entirety.

I still stand by everything I said and will always love Empower Network for teaching me how to go fast and look sexy online.

Yet, I feel like a total tool for ever getting involved.  Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

Okay, here goes.

Warning #1

One of the co-founders, David Sharpe, stepped down just recently.

He’s battling health complications from Hepatitis C.

This leaves the other original gangster, David Wood, flying solo, trying to land this thing safely on the ground.

Will he?

I sure hope so.  Before Sharpe resigned, I know they put a stealth team in place, so the company should be good.  But we’ll see.

Always a lil scary when leaders bounce, let alone owners.

Even though it was health-related, it felt like I got punched in the gut when the announcement was first made.

Both Dave’s were always so adamant about how ride-or-die they were for this movement.

Warning #2

This company comes with baggage.

Drama.  Lots of negativity.

Rapid online growth becomes a double-edged sword like that.

Empower Network grew so fast and gave birth to so many six and seven-figure earners the past two years — me being one of them — but for each success story comes many more failures.

Even though I think they’ve got the best training products, culture and comp plan out there, haters be hating.

Now more than ever.

And you need to ask yourself if you wanna be associated with all the cries of scam, ripoff and pyramid scheme.

Even though I know from experience none of the above are true, it’s a lot to handle.

I value my reputation.  I know you do, too.

Warning #3

The wind’s been taken out of Empower Network’s sails lately.

Ups and downs are normal for any business, but, is this a sign of what’s to come?

Doubt it.  Dave Wood is a master at rallying the troops.

Now it’s time to really see what these guys are made of.  Empower’s down one visionary.  They’re bleeding momentum.  Top earners are jumping ship.  Not good.

It’s a lot to overcome.

Am I freaking out?  I did for a minute, but then I got my senses back.

At the end of the day, a misfit like me just doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Every other company is so “stuffy.”

Suits and ties.  No swearing.  Home parties, friends and family, 3-way calls.  Itsy-bitsy commissions.  NOT online-friendly.  Slow and steady approach.

Uh, I’ll pass.  Empower Network taught me how to go fast and look sexy — then made it possible.

This company flipped my shit and made me sit in it.

I think?

Warnings aside, welcome to my Empower Network review.  Drink up.


Empower Network has been growing like mad, ever since opening the doors on October 31st, 2011.  They’re an online network marketing company that offers the following:

One, internet marketing tools, resources, and education.

And two, a powerful business opportunity.

The products are designed to help you sell more of anything online.  The business, which is optional, allows you to resell the Empower Network products in exchange for a commission.


The company was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe – two quirky marketers who’d been through hell and back trying to make a go of traditional (old school) multi-level marketing.

“The Dave’s”… as I like to call ’em… both have unbelievable rags to riches stories.

Dave Wood is known for being the once homeless van man.  And Dave Sharpe triumphed over a nasty drug addiction and dead-end construction job.

Together, they run what is probably the most unique, anything-goes type of business I’ve ever seen.

Both have made it a point to be completely transparent, honest and true to who they are at all times.  So much so, that the Dave’s rub a lot of people the wrong way.

In the early days, they referred to tire kickers and anyone who didn’t buy all of their products as “wussies.”

Most times, it appears they just crawled out of bed or came in from the beach.

F-bombs are not uncommon.

And although they’ve toned it down a little over the past couple years, dudes are still pretty damn raw.

Not for everyone, but I dig their style.

In April, 2014, Dave Sharpe actually stepped down as co-owner of Empower Network, due to health complications from Hepatitis C.

See original warnings.


The Empower Network core product line consists of the following:

  • Viral Blogging System (aka ENV2 or Blog Beast): costs $25/mo, mobile-friendly, point-and-click simple, comes with new and improved Fast Start Training, the blog still has minor glitches that need worked out.
  • Viral Blogging Academy: costs $297, shows you how to put your new blog to work for you, includes specific 90 day action plan, much needed product, long overdue, solid buy.
  • Inner Circle: costs $100/mo, inspiring stories and interviews available via downloadable mp3’s, cool, convenient, but some are available for free if you dial into the Monday night Empower Hour calls.
  • High Ticket Academy: new, costs $497, price going up, 3 webinars explaining how to close multi-thousand dollar sales, gave me tons of breakthroughs, phone calls are required though.
  • Internet Traffic Formula: costs $997, just launched, this is Vick’s no holds barred total traffic course, Empower’s not paying 100% commissions on this one, surprisingly spectacular course.
  • Costa Rica Intensive: costs $500, includes video footage of live marketing mastermind, decent content, needs refreshed though.
  • $15k Formula: costs $1,000, has boatload of webinar replays that cover all the latest and greatest internet marketing strategies, amazing value, best product by far.
  • Masters Course: costs $3,500, includes HD-video footage of live, elite-level marketing mastermind, accelerated concepts, only recommended for advanced marketers.

At this time, I still prefer to use this blog over theirs.

However, most newbies are better off using Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System.

It’s much faster and easier.

The Costa Rica Intensive product is iffy.  All others are solid.  I’ve been extremely happy overall.

The $15k Formula is probably the best bang for your buck.

However, the new High Ticket Academy is outstanding for anyone who’s got some low-end sales coming in.  Like me.

Optional purchases from your back office include media hosting (your call, handy if you’re using ENV2 and filming mobile videos) and live event tickets (usually one every 3 months).

You cannot earn commissions off video hosting or event ticket sales.

You can purchase any of the products, in any order, and can upgrade from inside at any time.

This was just a quick overview.

See my Empower Network products page for full reviews.

Compensation Plan

There’s a $19.95/mo fee you’ll need to pay to participate in the business opportunity.

After activating that, you’re free to sell any of the Empower Network products I just talked about, as an affiliate.

The majority of the products pay 100% commissions.

The Masters Course pays roughly 85% ($3,000 out of the $3,500 retail price) and the Viral Blogging Academy pays you 67% ($200 out of the $297 sticker price).

You qualify for commissions in one of two ways:

One, by making a sale of each product to a non-affiliate (i.e. a customer who does not activate his/her affiliate account).

Two, by first buying each product yourself.

If you do not meet one of those criteria and you go on to make sales of non-qualified products, those commissions will pass-up to your sponsor.

Speaking of which…

On each of the eight commissionable products, you pass-up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale thereafter.

Remember, that’s product-specific.

It’s a fair comp plan, whereby you’ll benefit from training your downline, but you’re not busting your butt to make your sponsor rich.  For example, I make way more than the guy who referred me.

Check out my Empower Network compensation plan video for a more complete breakdown.

Lastly, the Dave’s added-in a weekly bonus incentive.

Now you can earn extra money based off the company’s success, all by sponsoring so many new Viral Blogging System customers each week.


  • Some of the very best marketing how-to money can buy ($15k Formula).
  • Culture, support, and leadership unlike anything else out there.
  • Scale and magnitude – affiliates can sell these products worldwide, online, and do serious volume, but also serious commissions of nearly $5,500 per referral.
  • Slick, high-converting funnel, where most of the selling, telling and heavy lifting has been done for you.  All you gotta do is focus on traffic.


  • Polarizing company causes lots of hype and criticism.  Are you comfortable being associated with all that?
  • To get all of the products, the full experience and greatest earning potential, it’s expensive.
  • Despite undeniable upside potential, failure rate – like everything else in this industry – remains high.
  • Competition levels are increasing daily, even though it’s still a very young company.
  • Needs to be a little more product-centric and is trending that way.


My opinion comes with bias since I’m an affiliate.

But I think I’ve done a decent job of giving both sides throughout this review.


My blunt bottom line is this: from a product standpoint, it’s pretty good.  In terms of money-making potential, it’s great.

If you buy these products, will you become a better marketer, thinker and leader?

I definitely have.

If you become an affiliate, are you likely to get rich quick?

I have.  But no, definitely not.

I’m the exception, not the rule.

Regardless of how great the system is, making bank online will always require a ton of attributes the average person just doesn’t have.

Don’t get in this if you’re desperate and just looking to make some easy money.

Get in because you’re serious about building a real internet business that adds value and meets a need or solves a problem.


If that’s you — if you’re okay with the risk, understand the odds and you’re still willing to buy these products, learn, then grind like hell:

I’d like to make my case for being the right sponsor for you.

I’m a blogger.  That’s what I do.

And I can teach you my big ticket blogging formula that you already know works incredibly well.  Hint: Google anything Empower Network-related.

Who do ya see?  Wink, wink.

Here’s what I love about my system — you can make sales:

without having to step foot out of your house, so you NEVER have to speak to anyone face-to-face, ever again.

without having to pick up the phone — not even once.

without having to work a set schedule or minimum number of hours per week.

without needing to beg your friends and family to join you (no selling, whatsoever, because buyers come to you).

… and without having any commitments, stresses, or headaches in your business.

Write content, get ranked, and let your blog go to work for you.

It’s a beautiful thing.

And very real.  I’m willing to be your Garmin, if you’ll follow my turn-by-turn directions.


I have no desire to work with anyone who’s desperate or in this for the wrong reasons.

Again, I’m looking for A-players.  True entrepreneurs.  Cool peeps who’re big thinkers and wanna lead with value, as opposed to selfishly chasing money.

Does that describe your sexy self?  Yes?

If so, and if you’re planning on being all in (buying all the products), I’ll consider personally mentoring you and taking you under my wing.

But if that’s not you or you’re not gonna play at the highest level, sorry.

I just can’t help you.

Experience the good life:

Click here to get my millionaire mentoring messages

Totally free.  And my mom thinks they’re awesome.  So there.


About the author: Profit Pimp helps network marketers overcome their Kool-Aid addiction. Like Danny DeVito in a purple El Camino, he’s neato.

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  • Anthony

    Damn dude your the shit man lol, your videos sweeet and u seem real genuine I would definitely love to work with you. I actually saw one of ur vids on youtube for google sniper 2 because I wanted to see if there was any upsells and u helped me out. But I definitely want to work with you in Empower if you could email me so we can talk a little man I would appreciate it.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey thanks man, appreciate it! Cool, I will email you now…

      • Igxtelle

        Hey Brad,

        I just paid the $25 and got started up but I definitely need your coaching. I love writing and blogging and have a few personal blogs. Will you mind coaching me on how to succeed with this?

        • Igxtelle

          And I have a group on facebook with a following of about 300 people where I write post on love and relationships and things concerning women. I am a novice in marketing, 0 background or experience but a willingness to learn and the determination to push through. What is the first step :)?

  • Glenn

    Hi Brad,
    Glenn again….I saw your reply to my comment. Your writing
    is incredible – you are so down to earth and your insights are amazing. I am watching your videos, reading your blogs, and trying to shake the last of my skepticism….

    I’m hoping to be part of your Team real soon…


    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks Glenn, Team Mojo is here and waiting with open arms ;-)

  • Jeannie & Greg

    we’re inspired to a point where we jumped off the fence and opted in for the ride with Team Mojo. To be honest, this is the best feel I’ve had for anything I’ve seen on the net, and our chats have made us feel like we’re in the best company. I definitely want to go fast, look sexy and have more fun, so ..let’s do it ! we’ve learned more and never felt more encouraged since we bumped into you and we trust this will be the ride of a lifetime.

    • Brad Campbell

      We make a great team, us three. And now that you’ve got the best-selling program out there, the opportunity for going fast and looking sexy just went through the roof ;-) Fortunate to have met – and partnered with – such an awesome couple!

  • Lindsey

    Hi Brad!

    Many thanks for an awesome site packed with great content & value!

    I have a couple of questions & first wanted to give you a little background on myself.

    I traveled the academic-job route & have too many degrees after my name, including a PhD. I had a “capitalist awakening” last year & have been on my entrepreneurial journey ever since.

    I’ve been in 2 MLMs, had 2 high-ticket coaches, learned how to trade stock options & actively do so, & bought too many internet marketing products to count on my hands & feet – I haven’t kept a tally, but I’m probably somewhere in the $5,000 to $10,000 range of buying internet marketing trainings, techniques, & software, Not including my coaches or stock market fascination.

    I’m not a dude that has been sitting around doing nothing, I’ve been actually taking massive action, & I work on my mindset & personal development daily.

    However, I have not truly felt moved to “go all the way” with any one particular internet product or strategy, though some combination of all the marketing ideas is somewhere where I am headed, & I’m figuring this out daily. Since my awakening both my perspective on life & my entrepreneurial “tool belt” have expanded, but to be honest I’m still at my J.O.B. & the only money I’ve made online is selling some of my stuff on eBay!

    You, your Team Mojo, & Empower Network may be another piece in my puzzle, but I’m not sure right now & that’s why I’m emailing you for your input.

    Oh, did I mention that on my spare time, my wife & I are in the process of selling our house that we’ve had for a decade & also we are in the process of shifting into an international mobile lifestyle with 9 & 12 year old kids in tow?

    I already bought a product that teaches the one-page squeeze page idea & driving traffic to it through various traffic sources. I really like this for starters. I even bought a domain & setup a squeeze page months ago, but then stopped because I had 2 stumbling blocks. First, none of the products I’ve bought so far I would necessarily promote to others since there is always some aspect of it I don’t quite jive with (& so in the back of my mind I wonder if the best thing is to have my own product). This may not be the case with Empower Network – I would have to see for myself.

    Second, I wouldn’t know what to do with an email list even if I had one, which is an obvious missing piece in the squeeze page product I bought! If I had a list, I would want to send them useful & valuable insight, & interact with them, while promoting products I stand behind (which I don’t have any given my first point).

    So that is why I didn’t continue with the squeeze page idea. And then I wondered if blogging is more up my alley. Maybe setting up a blog like yours for my specific POP would be a good way for me to go?

    I do have plans with my wife to launch a video blog about lifestyle design, since this is what we are doing, we can fully stand behind this, & we can inspire people.

    What are your thoughts and words of wisdom for me?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Lindsey, thank you so much for the comment and the compliments. Much appreciated :)

      You sound way too savvy not to have had a “capitalist awakening”… so I’m excited to hear that.

      But then to hear that you’re going MOBILE… now that got me pumped. Good for you and the fam.

      Your first stumbling block was one of mine as well — not feeling all that great about ANY of the products I’d purchased, which makes it incredibly hard to get excited about telling others to buy them.

      I struggled with this for a long time.

      In the end, a solution I came up with was to basically teach everything I knew via my blog, and so my product sorta became the free blog content and then I simply recommended a few tools (as an affiliate) when it was necessary (for example, hosting, domains, AWeber, keyword research tool, Thesis, etc).

      However, and it’s hard for me to say (type) this without sounding like an Empower Network infomercial, but when I got in with EN, I was blown away.

      Their product line is hands-down the best I’ve ever purchased — and I’ve invested in my education big time, just like you have.

      I hope that one day you’ll consume the products so you know I’m not just blowing smoke ;-)

      Well, judging by your writing ability (which is obviously strong) and your story (which will only become wildly intriguing as you go on this freedom quest) and your vision (to build relationships, genuinely help others and only recommend products and services that you’re completely happy with)…

      … I do think that more of an authority blog would be best for you.

      I mean, your plans of launching the video blog about lifestyle design is absolutely perfect.

      All things considered, my words of wisdom are to follow your passion, do what feels right in your heart, and put everything you’ve got into making your blog as helpful, as entertaining, as inspiring, and as “must-read/view” as possible.

      I know that’s not very specific, but if you can do that, you’ll be crazy successful and sleep great at night.

      For specifics, just make sure your blog(s) are targeting an identifiable group of BUYERS that would vibe with your message and be open to joining you on your journey.

      One option that stuck out right away would be to tailor your message to other “academic-job-types with way too many degrees and way too little happiness to show for it”…

      … talk about an instant connection!

      Then, tell your story and SHOW them the action you’re taking to get outta the monotony once and for all.

      I hope that helps, at least a little.

      If you need anything or have questions down the road, just ask. I’m here to serve.

  • Lindsey

    Hi Brad!

    Many thanks for your quick response. I really appreciate your sincerity & your ability to address my core issues.

    To be honest, Empower Network was nowhere on my radar, & came up completely unexpectedly. I see how this can contribute to my current situation & I also see the awesome possibilities before me!

    I had a few more “housekeeping” questions – can you give me an idea of what it would be like to be “on the inside”? I.e. I have an understanding of the EN products, but I’m trying to get a feel for & paint a picture in my mind what working with you & your Team Mojo entails.

    I think I read somewhere on your blog that you have weekly calls – I can’t find it now, so I’m not sure if I’m dreaming this up?

    I did read that there is a Team Mojo training lab – what does this cover?

    And are there any other outstanding features that I should know about?

    Thanks again!


    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Lindsey, no worries…

      Sure, working with me inside of Team Mojo is all about blogging, ranking at the top of Google, copywriting, and conversions.

      My area of expertise is very specific — I do not do any paid traffic, so I prefer to work with those who plan on utilizing primarily SEO.

      All of my daily training revolves around pulling back the curtain on what I do to achieve top rankings. I break everything down into actionable steps for my team members.

      Of course, I keep my “trade secrets” for Team Mojo members, and often speak directly with my all-ins each day to monitor their progress, answer questions, offer feedback and even help with copywriting or technical stuff.

      I don’t believe in adding all sorts of crazy bells and whistles as “bonuses” that serve as shiny objects, but do no good.

      I show you what works and how to do it.

      I’m there for you.

      And that’s it ;-)

      Keep the questions coming as you have more!

  • Lindsey

    Hi Brad,

    Awesome, sounds great, thanks for your further insight!

    I thought of myself as a SEO-ninja in training & wasn’t too drawn to paid traffic, so I’m on board with you on that! Thanks for being frank with me.

    I can definitely hone my copywriting & conversion skills!

    One more question came to mind. In the other “traditional” (i.e. inviting friends/family, meeting new people in person who may turn into “prospects”, etc.) network marketing companies I was in, it revolved around building my team under me & teaching others to lead & build their teams so that they are “self-sustainable”, which is the basis of the self-sustainable passive income part of the equation. Sort of like cells splitting & replicating & then those cells split & replicate, & the process reiterates again & again, creating a network/tree/organism with its own life.

    I actually enjoy leading or teaching, these are my strengths & natural talent. You have your Team Mojo specific training & approach, almost like a “sub-culture” within Empower Network.

    So, for the future people that sign up under me, would I also setup my own team-specific system & interactions, or how does that work?

    I’m not necessarily opposed to that, I just want to be aware of what’s involved.


    • Brad Campbell

      Another great question. The answer is: it’s up to you.

      I’ve told other teammates that they’re more than welcome to market my team coaching as their own, then, when ppl sign up… simply direct ’em to my private pages. This way they don’t have to waste time and energy doing anything other than making sales.

      However, if you enjoy teaching and don’t mind putting in the extra effort, I’d encourage you to create your own little sub-culture (again, only if you want to).

      Alternatively, you could do a mixture of both.

      i.e. provide ‘some’ training/tips, but also give them access to some of my stuff if you feel it’d serve them well.

      Either way, in the beginning, I encourage everyone to just make money.

      Then, with money, you can buy more free time to do the extra stuff like build out team training portals and such.

      Awesome stuff ;-)

  • Lindsey

    Thanks, Brad! That all makes sense :)

  • Kasee F

    I am very interested in joining Team Mojo!! I would love more details on Empower Network. Thanks.

    • Brad Campbell

      Awesome Kasee, anything specific you’d like to know (so I know where to start, lol)?

  • Quang Dat

    Hello Admin.
    Please let me ask: I still do not understand about the business model of EN, I understand that if I registered EN with cost $ 25 / month (basic membership) without hiring any one registered under my referral link, I will not make money? as such, the business model of EN is “multilevel marketing”, right? and commissions that they pay me is only from the members that will register on my link? and they do not have any product to sell?

    And a question for you: if I do not have any ref (who will register under my referral link), I will not make money, right?
    Thank you.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Quang, thanks for the questions.

      Empower Network says they’re not an MLM, but rather a direct sales/affiliate marketing company.

      You can resell whichever products you own for 100% commissions. You make money exactly how you would with traditional affiliate marketing: by getting people to buy the products through your affiliate link.

      So yeah, if you don’t make sales, you don’t make money. Did that clear it up?

  • chaunte

    hi brad.

    Wow! Your energy and drive for this company and your team had me at hello. I just finished watching your videos and reading about you and team moJo and im really interested in joining your team. Ive never had any intentions on working online let alone blogging simply because i thought everything out there were scams and i don’t know how to blog. Im hoping to learn from you, if your willing to teach me and help me join your team. Im very passionate about this just from watching your videos. Please contact me soon as I am willing and ready today!

    Hope to hear and learn from you soon and joining Team MoJo.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Chaunte, thank you for the comment – I’ll email you right now.

  • Victor

    Hey Brad,
    I’m lovin what I’ve read of your info. Even though I’m already a serious empower member under another team, I would like to know how I can help promote your biz and gain from your input as well. Thanks and I hope to talk soon.

    PS. As a pro window washing business owner, I can see potential in marketing to those wanting to start a business (be it window washing or blogging/empower).
    I would appreciate your input.

    M. Victor

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks Victor! And I appreciate you leading with “how can I help YOU first”… very cool of you.

      I do have a “backdoor access” to my team training and live coaching. It’s a one-time fee based on the average lifetime value of a new teammate who joins me inside Empower Network.

      But, I doubt you’re looking for that.

      I’ll say that targeting small biz owners like yourself is a fantastic way to build this up quickly. You can position Empower’s products as the all-in-one solution they need to get traffic, leads and sales online – and as a side benefit, they can always chose to promote EN themselves if they want.

      I think not enough people are talking about the actual products and how high value they are.

      I like where you’re head’s at with this.

      • Willis

        You spoke of the following –“I do have a “backdoor access” to my team training and live coaching. It’s a one-time fee based on the average lifetime value of a new teammate who joins me inside Empower Network.”

        How does this work and what is the one-time fee, if i am already in EN under another leader?


        • Brad Campbell

          Hey Willis, I currently charge $500 one-time to access all of my Team Mojo training, live coaching, and support. If interested, please send me an email and I’ll get you set up and send payment link.

  • Brandon

    Hey Brad,

    So i originally was going to sign up under adam whiting or mike hobbs. but something about the way you come across and seem more open to helping your people is what caught my attention. I’m already pretty seasoned as far as MLM and internet marketing goes. However some of the things I had to learn on my own I’m sure are out of order. So I wouldn’t mind a refresher course of the right formula in the right order to use EN as a tool the way its supposed to be used. Since I’m sure this one-pager was made a while back, are you overwhelmed with helping people right now? I’m very coachable since myself was starting to coach people on all I knew. brandonlukas.com <– obviously couldn't get it done since i'd rather use EN for the boost in SEO… I just want to make sure everything above you still offer because I will duplicate anything your doing to get where your at :) I'd love to be your case study/success story that will help boost your name even more and mine too :) Hit me up brotha!


    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Brandon, that’s pretty impressive that you’d want to join me over a couple of the bigger names inside Empower Network. I am absolutely still offering all of my team training and live coaching. This is all I do these days — help my team and work on this blog. I would love to have you as one of my rising stars and showcase you as a case study.

      Let’s tear it up. I’ll email you now.

  • Christy

    I am literally homeless. Have absolutely no money (not even two measly Pennies to rub together). How can someone get started with absolutely nothing? At this moment I am living on a friends couch eating their food and technically bumming from them. I use their electronics to try to find jobs but no luck. To someone who has nothing and refuses to borrow more from someone who had already helped them so much, how can I get started?

    • Brad Campbell

      Christy, first, keep your head up. I’m not gonna pretend to know what you’re going through, but I do know you can turn things around if your desire is strong enough.

      To address your question, the simple answer is: learn something really valuable, then teach it to others.

      Get yourself a free blog on WordPress or Blogger or other, and pour your heart out, attract an audience who will receive that value and become grateful for what you’ve shared… then, sell them something with even more value.

      It’ll take a ton of hustle, but it can be done.

  • Willis

    As much as you have put into your EN writing, it makes a person weak, just thinking about it, where does on start. I started EN in Nov of 2012, asked for help from up line was sent info and told, to figure it out. So have gotten to far yet. still searching.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Willis, THIS blog is where you start :) See my home page or the “Secrets” or “Results” tabs at top for the best starting place. Or, email me for backdoor access.

  • Danita Temmons

    Hello, congratulations for your continued success and more success to come for you and your family. I am going to start a home based business and I was wondering if could have Empower Network to help me bring traffic to get sales or can I use just Empower Network itself to sell their products, how does it exactly work? I would like to know to get all in what levels can i get and how much is it so I can get all in. Is this better for me or can I start from the bottom and work my way up. I would like to come in under your group because I was in Empower Network before and was in a group who showed no support at all, just took my monthly payment and told me to figure it out on my own. I had zero experience in network marketing and I just got out of the group and was turned off totally from ever trying it again. Thank you

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Danita, thank you for the comment and questions. I’ll email you now…

  • David

    Hey what’s up Brad? Im David and I love your site. I am going to be a junior in high school this year and I was just wondering. Is EN for a high school student? I mean would people listen to a 17 year old? Thanks for explaining EN so well and getting me interested. I hope to be part of your team soon.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey David, thanks man. Congrats on even thinking about something so entrepreneurial at such a young age. For ‘most’ 17 year olds? Probably not. Most would not have the time or dedication to make this work.

      There are always exceptions. And I hope you’re one of ’em.

      We had a 12 year old kid (I believe) on stage at our last event who was doing really well… so it IS possible to succeed at a young age.

      Holla with questions buddy…

  • Vince

    Brad, give me a shout. I need some clarity and I trust you from what I see on this site. Thanks

    • Brad Campbell

      I’ll email you now Vince.

  • Steven

    Hey Brad, Ive never seen any of your videos or any EN products from you. However, I do love how you sell yourself and your direct approach to replying to the questions asked.
    I’ve asked several EN team leaders about how to get started. I wanted a clear understanding on how i’d actually make money on this site before getting into it. However all I got was that if I sold products then they will get money. I’d like to come on board, but i’m afraid I might not make enough/any sales only to part from a recurring monthly $25.
    I understand how it might work within the United States, but how do you propose I make it work within a first-world country such as Jamaica?

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey, thanks Steven. As far as how I’d approach it… my formula would look the same regardless of which area of the world you were marketing Empower Network from.

      My advice is simple: find a group of BUYERS, create a blog for them, get ranked in Google, sell to them :)

      It simply does not matter where you’re living.

  • Rose Roper

    I am new to empower network and was very pleased to read
    your review of the company.
    So far I have enjoyed blogging on their platform. I would like to work with you as I am totally new to the internet marketing world.

  • Rose

    Would like to work with you.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Rose, if you’re already a member of the Empower Network but would like “backdoor access” to my Team Mojo coaching lab and live mentoring calls, apply here. There’s a one-time fee if you’re accepted.

  • Melissa

    I have some wuestions……could you shoot me an email when you have time? I i would love to get your input and direction.
    Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  • Melissa

    FYI I truly am a smart person but the Facebook/Twitter option bar hovers over this comment box and I couldn’t see what I was writing! :)
    Sorry! Talk soon!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Melissa, please leave any questions you have right here and I’ll get them answered asap.

  • H D Gillett

    I’ve been in the Empower Network for 2 months, have done 66 blogs with seo scores of 88.89 to 93.33 seo score since I learned how to get the score up that high.
    The only problem is that I am not getting any prospects to my lead capture page. I’ll be blunt. I think the way to go for me would be to be a part of your team. I know that I could come into your team via the “back door” but I want the prospects who come in through me to have the benefit of your training.
    I know that the rules are that I can’t switch teams. But what would keep from having my wife sign up with Team Mojo and then we could turn our focus where we will get more effective training?
    I’d like to do it that way if it is possible.
    H D Gillett

    • Brad Campbell

      H D, I don’t see why that would be a problem. I know of a few others where the husband and wife are both in on separate accounts, but NOT one under the other. I’ll look for her name coming through my back office today and hook you guys up with the training as soon as that happens.

      And she can definitely use that to give to her team as she builds it.

  • Irv

    Hey Brad, I really admire your authenticity and transparency, and I’m looking at EN and joining team Mojo. I’m just confirming costs – $25/mo. for the Viral Blogging System, $19.99/mo to sell it via EWallet, $19/mo. for AWeber. So $65/mo total without the upgrades to the other EN products.
    Curious too, what percentage of EN members SELL EN products versus setting up a blog to sell other products?
    It’s funny, but I’m no longer averse to the thought of MLM/Network Marketing! Especially, if I could “empower” others to live their dreams and a life of true abundance and prosperity. Thanks.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Irv, thanks for the questions.

      I believe AWeber is only $10/mo – at least it is for me. But yeah, $25/mo for the VPS and $19.95/mo for eWallet — that plus AWeber is what you’d need at a minimum to play.

      As for breakdown of customers vs affiliates… not sure, but I’ll admit it’s probably more affiliates right now. However, just got back from their live Denver event and they are totally redoing the blog so that it’ll be the best blogging platform out there.

      If they succeed, there will be a whole lot more regular customers who’re NOT promoting the Empower Network products and that will definitely be a great thing.

  • Lerato

    Hi Brad

    You’ve really changed my mind about EN, and I’d love to join your team. I heared about EN from James one of the EN’s successful resellers. Honestly I was very skeptical about joining because I didn’t want to be scamed. Thanks to you I’m now more than confident to join team mojo. Please email me the details on how to join and the necessary procedures that need to be followed when joining EN.

    Warm Regards

    • Brad Campbell

      Awesome Lerato, I will email you now…

  • yandy

    Hey I’m 21 and have no clue on this blogging stuff or internet marketing thing. I have been scamed before and would really like info on how this could actually make me money. I have 25 dollars but not 5000. What I’m getting at is how am I benefiting from joining you or EN please email back to inform me because I’m just completely confused about all this and I’ve always to be an be on business for myself as my father had his own business. Thank you for your time and wisdom.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Yandy, I don’t think this is a good fit for you. It’s really going to take more than $25 to do anything substantial with it. Thank you for your comment.

  • Melissa

    Thanks for your reply. To be straight forward; this EN is kind of confusing to me. Ive read and read and read and seem to only get more confused. Here is what I can tell you that Im looking for. A part time income blogging. Plain and simple. Im a good writer-writing has always come very easy to me and I enjoy it…..sometimes. If I could make money doing it would be icing on the cake. I cannot afford a lot a month to pay out to do this. I have one income and a son who takes most of my money each month. :) I am interested in learning more but need a breakdown for you on how exactly I can get started without going broke.
    Thats it in a nutshell; plain and simple!
    Thanks in advance – have a great day!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Melissa, thanks for the comment. I saw your other one, so I’ll send you an email as requested.

  • kisame

    brad,thanks for that.you know what i was really getting on but lost moral since i’m in Africa precisely in Uganda, thought i wouldn’t benefit much.is it the case brad?

    • Brad Campbell

      The Empower Network is legit, but it’s no miracle – it’s always up to YOU to get in the car and drive it. I’ve chosen to slam the gas pedal to the floor, so it’s working quite well for me.

  • Nanette

    Hi Brad,
    Very impressed and love the sound of it all!! But…need to know lots more. E.g., what is the product? Seems there is only mention of the impressive commissions and nothing said about what the merchandise is. Will $25/mth generate a substantial income or are there other hidden costs I would have to outlay to achieve that?
    I am at present, looking into Resorts360, with a lovely lady here in Australia. My major hold up is ( with my current situation ), having to “save up” the $1995!
    Look forward to hearing from you, Brad.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Nanette, great question. I agree, most affiliates spend way too much time talking about all the money the biz opp can make you, and not near enough time explaining the value contained within these products.

      I did link to my comprehensive product review post at the beginning of the article, but here it is again (I know it was a lot to take in and probably easy to overlook).

      Resorts 360 is cool as well, but yeah, it’s pricey. Keep me posted and holla if you need any help.

  • vanessa

    hi my name is vanessa i want to join and ready to invest as soon as i can raise the money . i would like to know can i still join if im in quebec, canada? and i dont own a credit card how do i pay ?

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Vanessa, sweet, excited to have you on the team. Yep, you can join from anywhere. The credit card issue is tough. You can look into a virtual credit card and see if the fees are manageable and if it’s worth the hassle.

      Sorry I wasn’t much help on the cc situation. Let me know if you find a resolution.

  • Santhosh Shetty

    Awesome post Brad!
    Loved it. Out of the few people in the first page of google there are marketers trying to fool people into buying their own product saying empower network is a scam.
    Your post is genuine and talks a lot about whats possible with empower network and what people can expect when they join empower network.
    We always believe in helping people out so Keep up the good work and God bless.

  • Josie

    You are simple and to the point! Now I don’t know who to sign up with. I saw Justin the hippiejedi story and now yours…hmm I’m convinced. Thanks :)

    • Brad Campbell

      Thank you Josie! Appreciate the kind words. Glad you’re considering me :)

  • Curtis

    Hey Brad I was wondering if you could send me a E-mail on more information on what it takes to make money and how to do italso how much money does it take a month to get started. Thanks

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Curtis, see this, this, and this.

  • Shelby

    Hi brad, I’ve been receiving emails about empower network but I’m not actually in it. Reading this page has helped me more in my decision to join. I was wondering if you could email me back and give me more insight on what exactly it is that EN does and how it will help the mlm that I’m already working on.

    • Brad Campbell

      Emailing you now Shelby — thanks for reaching out.

  • Scott Skylar


    I’ve got to say you bring it out as it is. I like that. I’ve been scammed many times and i’ve got my doubts but you strike me as “The Man”. So i’ll give Empower Network a chance and see where it goes.


    • Brad Campbell

      Emailing you now, Scott.

  • Leon

    Hi Brad

    Congrats on great information shared. First time I have seen someone being so open and sharing and it is well appreciated. I’m also a Thesis fan so appreciate the format and layout (smile)!

    Just two quick question please:
    1. How does EN pay out commission to their non -US members?
    2. If one joins through/under you does one also have to apply for and purchase the backdoor access information on top of the payments to EN?

    Just checking…

    Take care


    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Leon, thanks for your questions. And the Thesis love!

      I’m such a dork. This ugly little blog is the most beautiful thing to me b/c of the simplicity and the way it “performs” for me 24/7 :)

      1) Same as with U.S. members. They have a payment processor called eWallet that handles everything. It’s $19.95/mo. Commissions earned go directly into your eWallet account (never touching Empower Network’s hands), which is then paid out to you via check or direct deposit.

      2) Nope. You get everything when you join Empower Network under me. Just pay for whichever Empower Network products you want, and I’ll hook you up with all my goodies.

      Holla with more questions any time.

      • Leon

        Big thank you for the reply and information Brad – most appreciated.

        Have joined and looking forward working with you.

        Thank you again and take care


        • Brad Campbell

          Hi Leon, thanks again! Hey, did you receive my welcome email with access to all of my Team Mojo bonuses and coaching?

  • John


    My daughter is about to enter a University. She’s a great writer and I may want to introduce her to this opportunity. She’s also quite the skeptic… I just shared this link with her, however, any additional detail you can send would be graciously appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    • Brad Campbell

      Hi John, thank you for reaching out. So cool to say parents now helping to do the due diligence. Great writing is a huge bonus. That would automatically place her ahead of the pack.

      There’s a lot of crap out there, so I can understand the skepticism. Empower Network, unfortunately, comes with some baggage in that there IS definitely a fair deal of haters out there.

      Here’s a more recent review I did, and here’s another video that addresses that negativity.

      And leave me any questions you have and I’m happy to help out.

      Thanks again!

  • N.Mohamed


    I have gone through all these, but skepticism still rules! What would one make out of $25/ month ? What he will have to do on the member’s area? Will a person who does not know anything about IM be successful / be able to make any cash from this?

    Thank you

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey, that’s understandable. Check out these resources. They’ll give ya a better understanding of what this will take.

      Anyone can make this work; most won’t. I’m looking for people who’re actually gonna take action each day, even if it’s only 1-2 hours.

  • Jaiden G.

    Definitely Interested in Joining Team Mojo. Just have a few more questions, as I’m already currently within another Network Marketing Company, and they happen to deal with how this opportunity can potentially grow my other standings as well as itself. Extremely committed and excited guy, overall, I’d say, and you are extremely personal, which I like. Awaiting your contact.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey, thanks Jaiden.

      Will email you now…

  • I love the beach life

    Great page! I typed empower network scam lol and found your page. Can I have a chat with you? I am interested

    • Brad Campbell

      Yes, let me know what questions you have…

  • Hester

    Hi Brad,
    I am thinking about joining. I love writing, and love to help people in need of financial situations. I myself is in a situation like that. I work at a dead end job, I don’t make much money from it, and I really don’t enjoy it. Since I love to write, I thought that this would be right up my ally. So with my next paycheck I really do want to join it. I’ve seen a lot of skepticism about the site, even a few of my friends, but if I think something I do some research on something and it sounds pretty realistic to me, I like to at least give it a chance. So that’s what I’m gonna do here , and I would be more than happy to work under you, because to me you sound like a helpful and legit guy. So I’ll sign up as soon as I get the money for it.

    Hope you have a great day, and talk to ya soon
    Hester ^_^

    • Brad Campbell

      That’s great news Hester. It’s all about following your heart. If I would’ve sat on the sidelines and listened to everyone else, I’d still be struggling to maintain enough online income to NOT have to go crawling back to my pharmacy gig.

      Instead, I’m making CEO-like money from my laptop. I know that sounds super hypey, but it’s my story. I’m proud of it.

      Not typical, but I’ve proven it’s possible and that should get a lot of people excited.

      • Hester

        Sounds awesome. Yeah I went to college to be a pharmacy tech. Pretty weird that we were in the same type of field :p but yeah, I’m excited to join and it should be soon. I got your site bookmarked so right when I get the money I am gonna put it straight to here.
        Alright I will talk to you soon.
        Hester :)

        • Brad Campbell

          Very cool, excited to work with you Hester…

  • Kay

    Hey Brad, I’m interested in joining Empower Network. But I have no experience in Internet marketing. Please email me!

  • César

    Hey Brad, I stumble upon with you when I was almost ready to sign up with another person guided by emotions. I’ve learn my lesson so before any purchase or investment as many successful marketers I look for reviews. Is midnight and I still stocked here watching your videos and reading your honest review.

    It is kind of hard to stop reading when you are talking about EN… and more fascinating the way you show without pretentions the success that anybody can reach with consistency and determination using it. Thanks for that.

    My first language (if you haven’t noted) is spanish. I understand most of the things you are talking about because your writing is clear, colorful and easy to understand. My copywriting could be that kind of good in spanish. But I’m not so sure about that in english. You talk from the heart and from your experiences. I’m pretty sure that your team really appreciate that like me as a reader looking for direction. Thanks again!

    I have been Trying a lot of different things without real success but I still have faith that I can make it online.

    Question: Do you think that the hispanic market has potential with EN? Do you believe that I can follow all your steps using your SEO formula with the hispanic community and portrait a successful story like yours?

    Thanks for the great content,


    • Brad Campbell

      Cesar, that is excellent feedback man. Really made my morning, so thanks for that.

      I put so much effort into making my content stand out from the pack, so feels good to have someone notice.

      Yes, the Spanish market has massive (untapped) potential. In fact, EN is updating their blog in a couple weeks, which is apparently going to be multilingual capable. So from what I understand, you could publish the entire thing in Spanish and dominate :)

      I’d love to help you do just that. Hope to work with you.

  • Afaf

    Hi Brad,

    I receive many email to join EN but it seems scam for me. Now, with your insight, I will join the EN. Please email me what is next step? also, I need some related information .

    Thanks Brad.

  • Walterj

    Hello Brad

    I ran across EN somehow and watch the initial presentation and bought in on the $25 start membership late last night, I slept and was working on adding the Affilate Membership this morning. I sign on by a referral from someone who I do not know yet, but in the meantime I ran across you via google and watch your video’s and blog. Thank you for taking the time to do it, it was very informative and straight forward. I value your style and keen down to earth perspective. It added lots of good to my decision to buy in, even though I am not a referred team member of yours actually and wish I was. I hope if you don’t mind to stay tuned in with you to give me a bit of help as I begin to move forward and upwards.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts, suggestions or communications that can help me be a hard working and effective member of our overall team.

    Thanks much for your considerations


    • Brad Campbell

      Hey buddy, thanks for awesome feedback. I’m here for you, on the blog, regardless. So definitely follow my training and drop me any questions you have and I’ll do my best to help you out.

  • Ryno

    Hi Brad.
    I am currently with SFI, but haven’t made any real money. Was thinking of starting a drag and drop type website, specializing in health and fitness, as everyone is telling me how important it is to choose a niche and not sell everything and anything. My question is: Do you think it will work well to promote my site with the blogging product? I probably wouldn’t need the ewallet as I will be promoting affiliate links. Or would I? Besides the $25/month, will there be any other costs? Think you mentioned aweber? Please email me.
    P.S. Great content in your blog. Love it!

    Kind regards.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Ryno, yes you could sell more of anything with blogging. No, you would not need the affiliate fee or any other products, unless you want killer education and marketing wisdom that’ll take your blogging next level ;-)

      But yeah, other than the blog and AWeber, and some hustle, you should be good to go.

      Thanks buddy! Hope to see you join me on Team Mojo soon.

  • Chris Farcher

    Awesome stuff Brad,

    I love the part “You bet your sweet ass they are” lol so funny. This was a great read and a lot of valuable information thanks for the blog.

    Chris Farcher

    • Brad Campbell

      haha thanks Chris! Gotta be unique and make your content stand out :)

  • Ekene Samuel

    I am very glad to learn about Empower Network from you. For me i see this business opportunity as life changing. I am interested to join this business but i will like to know if someone from Nigeria can do this business? because am a Nigerian and am good at marketing,please help me with useful info on how to go about this? and please which payment method will be the best for me as i do not use credit cards here,what we are familiar with here is debit cards.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Brad Campbell

      Ekene, it’s worldwide. My Team Mojo training is top notch and can help anyone who’s willing to learn and take action consistently. Try your debit card. It should work, if it’s got one of the major labels.

  • César

    Hey Brad,
    Greetings! I’m pretty sure you remember me and my question about the market in spanish. I have been reading, perhaps too much, searching for what team (certainly a good amount of EN leaders) offer me what I need to start working. All kind of goodies and tools. Plenty of good stuff.

    Now, I consider your blog, your style and the way you to teach and communicate the one that I would emulate. But there is another question that doesn’t let me make a decision and start rolling. I found out about a Latin group working and growing that offer the tools that I’m going to need to work as fast as I can with EN – I mean – the tools… in spanish and removing from me the creation of all the material that I will be using to start. Which could be for me a lot due to my technical skills.

    I’m guessing the answer to my question but I have to ask you anyways since you gain my respect, and let say it, my admiration.

    Can you offer those tools for me? in spanish? …I’m not joking brother :) just hoping!

    If your answer is yes… Hallelujah!!!

    If your answer is no… Thank you very much my friend!!!… Thank you for your time and thank you for your advice. Much, much appreciate it. Receive a big hug from a Puerto Rican living in Tx.


    P.S. Don’t tell anybody that I will be checking on your blog to get some of the best ideas I have found to run EN as my successful business.


    • Brad Campbell

      Cesar, I WISH I could say YES… but I can’t. I love your energy and you’d be a great asset to Team Mojo, but it sounds like you’d be further ahead by having those done-for-you tools available already in Spanish. (Damn!)

      Keep in touch buddy — I’ll see you on the leaderboards ;-)

  • freddie

    good day,
    i am new and very scared of signing up. help me please?

    • Brad Campbell

      That’s what I’m here for. But you’ll hafta let me know how you want me to help…

      • David Goren


        Hi Brad:

        I am starting my own business -(WWW.LegalServices.com). I am looking to use the Internet to drive traffic to my site for my services. Seeking a person to build my website. Found out about you via Troy Shanks on Viral Blogging System (Empower Network). We are marketing a service rather then a product. Do you have any experience in this area? Can you help us? Do you work with Troy? I am in N.J.

        Thank you.

        David Goren

        • Brad Campbell

          Hi David, I do have some experience marketing services online. I’ve built dozens of blogs across a handful of niches and ranked ’em high on page one of Google to drive sales.

          However, I’ve got all I can handle right now with Empower Network and don’t want to spend time or energy on any other projects as of right now.

          I do not work with Troy, no.

          I appreciate you thinking of me, but just don’t have the time to help you out right now. Sorry man…

  • Garrett

    Hi Brad!

    I have experience in MLM, and am seriously considering joining EN, but I had a couple questions. Would you mind emailing me?


    • Brad Campbell

      Emailing you now Garrett.

  • Mohamed

    Hi Brad,

    I’m interested in joining EN, I’ve made my research but still have some questions, would you mind mailing me?

    Thank you,

  • Kurt

    hi, im looking for a sponsor because i want to do this here. Would you be willing to be my sponsor? if so i need a couple things from you.

  • Salvatore Campisi

    Some how I stumbled across Empower Network and after watching the video I felt an excited about what I heard, but I still had questions. I called their number and reached someone that I couldn’t understand word that he was saying. Needless to say I found your info on EN and became convinced that they just might have something for me but I still have questions. I would to talk via the phone so that I can ask the questions that are on my mind.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Salvatore, I’d need to know how close you are to joining (1-10) and what level you’d join at. I only do phone consults for those who’re an 8 or above and wanting to go all-in.

      That sounds very guru-esque, but to be blunt, I just don’t have time to waste on tire kickers.

  • Jaiden G.

    Hey Brad, finally broke the “Waiting On The Bench” seat and thanking you for putting me into play, coach. :) I’m trying to get set-up with everything, and it’s all making sense, but I have a quick question for you after watching the Compliance video.

    Contact me as soon as you can!

    Thank you Brad, Much appreciated

    Future Team Mojo DOJO Jaiden!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Jaiden, leave your compliance question inside the Team Mojo Facebook group and I’m happy to answer.

  • Adam

    Hi there , well I was following empower network for a little while , the think for me is , I’ve never got involved in anything to do with network marketing and I do not know how to advertise or how to blogg .
    I’ve heard you guys talking about seo’s and all that stuff and it seems strange to me , sometimes I’ll feel like I want to join you guys and make money , but most of the time I say no to my self because I don’t really have any room for failure .
    And whatever stories that has been told either in your site or others seem very inspiring to get involved and be like everyone else that is successful with I power network .
    So my question is : how hard it is to learn and be successful with impower network ? And what will be the challenges to achieve the ultimate goal of success ? .
    So generaly speaking every word I’ve red in this page was inspiring . Waiting for an answer and my email is already there for you . Thx and have a blessed day .

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Adam, it’s not super hard, but takes crazy desire and commitment. Most people can learn and do the work just fine, but they get distracted and trip up because of a lack of consistency.

      Glad you found inspiration here.

  • Kevin

    Hi there my friend,

    I recently started working with Young Living Oils as I have a passion to share natures remedies with the world. I also am very interested in personal development and have been reading lots of books such as ” the miracle morning by Hal Elrod. I am keen to help other people make their dreams become a reality and I live my life my the motto “if I help other people get what they want, I will always get what I need”
    I am wondering how EN can possibly compliment this business. I have no experience in SEO or blogging. I have registered a website as you see and I also have replicated site that includes all the auto responder emails and lead capture pages etc.
    Can you flesh out how I could couple the 2 businesses to compliment each other?
    Many thanks,
    with peace, love and happiness

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Kevin, I’m happy to hear you’ve already got an opportunity you’re passionate about. We need more of that inside network marketing.

      EN could be your training portal for your Young Living Oils team.

      Their blog and marketing how-to courses can help you and your team to sell more products for YLO. That’s how many Empower Network affiliates tie this into their primary MLM or business opportunity.

      Works great. Would love to work with you if/when you decide you’re interested.

  • Jan

    I’ve had my money taken once too many. More information please on how to make money with EN have twins in the way and want to give them the life I never had.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Jan, this blog is filled with how to do just that.

  • Kinga

    Hi Brad,
    I have to say that I admire you to be so patient with all of us and replying to us all. Maybe you are sitting at home by the pool doing just that during your working hours…;)
    However I feel like the more I study the EN mystic formula the less I know and the more confused I am but at least I see I am not the only one. My head is spinning. I would love to ask you so me questions via email before I jump into Team Majo;) I will be waiting your reply. Thanks and congratulations!

    • Kinga

      I meant MOJO;)

      • Brad Campbell

        Hi Kinga, thank you for the kinds words and for reaching out. Sending an email now.

  • Francisco

    I’m interested on being on your team. I’ve been reading up on empower network for the past few days and I’ve been on the fence about it because of seeing the different teams I could join. I think I was just really holding out to be convinced. I think you just did that. Email me Brad I’m definitely interested.

    • Brad Campbell

      Awesome, emailing you now.

  • Sunshine Sade'

    Good morning Mr. Campbell. For the past few months, I have looked to understand exactly what EN really is. I was able to watch a few videos, but I still don’t fully understand how it works. Is there any way I can email you a few questions just to get a grasp on the actual company?

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi, thanks for reaching out. Please take a look at my FAQs page at the very top of this site, as that will answer all of the most popular questions in great detail.

  • Candy

    Hi. I was approached by someone about EN and was curious about a few things but was told that they don’t make phone calls and referred me to a couple websites and vids which didn’t answer my questions directly. I don’t own my own business but I work for a company who represents numerous clients and I would like to set up a blog for product reviews. I like the idea of having a ‘viral’ blog to generate traffic to my site, however, I am not too keen on the idea of having a, what I will call, piggy back website address. I want my own so it looks more professional. I also don’t like all the EN ads all over the templates I have seen. Can you tell me how this opportunity might work for my needs?

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Candy, totally agree. Can’t stand cookie-cutter blogs or subdomains. Nothing screams “I’m average!” more than those two things.

      Good news is, the new ENV2 blog (which launches very soon) will solve those problems.

      You’ll be able to have your own domain and customize it any way you want. So it could have nothing to do with the EmpowerNetwork.com domain or products/opportunity (no banners, etc).

      We saw a sneak peek live demo at the last event and it does look cool.

      Then again, I love the control and flexibility I have with how I built this blog as well.

      Hope this helped.

  • nikki fahey

    Interested. Email me please.

  • Dennis Middleton

    Hey man just wanted to give you props for getting the #1 spot on google for the keyword “empower network” many props to you.

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks Dennis, appreciate it man.

  • Matt

    Hey Brad,

    Thank you so much for being so informative and taking your time to answer these questions.

    I have a few questions specifically regarding how it could work with what I’m involved in.
    I’m very much a newbie at blogging/marketing etc.. but am working hard to develop my company and stumbled across this. So my questions are as follows:
    1. I am a personal trainer and me and my partner have our own nutrition line and we do personal Skype sessions, nutrition coaching, etc.
    How would it work to be able to sell our products and our services (training sessions, nutrition coaching etc)?
    2. Are we able to do all this thru the website we currently have?

    Thank you so much for your time!!

    – Matt

    • Brad Campbell

      My pleasure man.

      1) Very simple – you’d use your blog to get ranked for search terms your ideal audience is Googling each day. Then you’d gain wisdom from all the EN products and use that to dominate the internet for your niche.

      2) Yes, probably, although it may not have all the bells and whistles.

      Holla with more questions.

  • kabeer

    how to join this company?

    • Brad Campbell

      Go to JoinBradNow.com

  • nawob powell

    Can you shoot me a email at the address above this looks promising?

    • Brad Campbell

      Please leave your questions here, so it benefits everyone…

  • Sara Bebber

    This is great, i really enjoyed reading through your information. I am apart of empower network as well and I am in the BIM going through a 10k in 30 day program and it rocks! lazy millionaires for sure :)

    • Brad Campbell

      Awesome to hear Sara – hope you hit that 10k mark!

  • folau lauaki

    I want to join a team thats gonna help me get to where I want to be.

  • bruce

    Hey Brad,
    I recently got involved in an online business called infinity downline and was hoping to promote it by blogging and other methods. I’m not sure what your opinion of infinity downline is, but I was hoping to use em to promote it. What are your thoughts?

    • Brad Campbell

      Haven’t heard of it man, but yeah, you can promote anything you’d like with the Empower Network blog and products. I can definitely show you how to do it.

      • jeremiah

        How can i join empower network….

        • Brad Campbell

          You can go to JoinBradNow.com but not until the 18th (Friday), as they’re in the middle of a launch right now and the shopping cart is closed.

  • Hidayah Anka

    Hello brad
    greeting from dubai.
    am interested to join your team .
    i need to know how to promote EM and to utilize it.

    pls do let me know.

  • Jason

    I have a lot of questions. Not that I have ever considered this a scam in any way at any time but have a limited budget and can not afford surprises. I also want to get more comfortable with everything (I’m big on being comfortable to showing up to new places to go 1/2 early to gain understanding). Due to personal reasons I am limited to what I can do and am confident and willing to make this work (prefer to work 6-7 hour days) and continue to move to higher levels.

    Enough background, here are the questions I hope you can answer for me

    1- What do I sell? Are there 3 products or a fitness product, one product or do I find and sell my own products or all of the above? And do I buy the products first and then sell or is the cost of the product somehow automated so that I never use my money to buy them?

    2- What is the work like? Where do complications come in where I need a coach and higher level programs?

    3- I would like to have an idea on what kind of money I can make at the $125 level at around 6 hours per day. Knowing what factors help me and hurt me would be nice to know, could you please tell me the few major ones? My idea of a plan is something like sign up, make some money, buy a computer so I don’t have to use the church computer and then go after more “know how”. Can you comment on this for me please?

    4- I want to be clear about ALL costs. I can afford to sign up with the $125 level soon. I can not afford any costs additional to this (as far as I can see now) that the profits from empower will not cover. I am aware of the monthly fees of: $125 level, eWallet for $20, traffic, and am wondering what else, can you please make this clear?

    5- My favorite question: how long will it take to make money?
    Possibly by doing what and what potential do I have with machining money within the first week?

    Do not need a quick response and hope I’m not asking for too many answers. Will be ready to sign up after. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Brad Campbell

      This may come off as lazy, and if so, I’m just trying to live up to my domain name…

      … but I truly believe all these questions are answered on this page.

      If not, I’m happy to dive into anything you’re still unsure about.

  • Shaheer

    Yo man, I’m from South Africa, Thanks for the info, I have lots of basic internet questions, could you please email me?

    • Brad Campbell

      I don’t really do emails any more, but if you leave questions here on the blog, I’m happy to answer them.

  • amber

    Hey Brad!! Thank you for sharing how much empower network has changed your life. I have been in empower network for about 5 months now and boy is it an experience. Not only are you able to make a true living but if you are wanting changes you have come to the right place now you just need to make a decision.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Amber, it’s been a helluva ride so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds, especially after ENV2 launches.

  • Mike

    Brad!! This is powerful stuff! A wise man once told me “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.” I have been kicking myself in the a$$ for the last few hrs while combing your blog for not finding this golden opportunity sooner, however, now that my right leg and a$$ are pretty sore, I have forgiven myself and realize that I need to join the winning team. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’m ready to contribute NOW! What I lack in talent, knowledge, and skill right now i’ll more than make up for in attitude. I admire what you’ve built, and if you could just show me a blueprint I’m more than happy to build my own kingdom. I look forward to rocking out with you Brad!

    • Brad Campbell

      Love it Mike! I think I saw your name come through already, so let me know if you didn’t get into the Facebook group or didn’t receive my welcome email. Love your attitude, buddy — this is gonna be fun.

  • mike Allawos

    hey brad, my name is mike and I was actually just reading this thing here and it looks like you’ve pretty much mastered this. I have a dilemma I clicked on someone elses link and watched the video and basically let dave and dave sell me on empower network and I purchased the $25 a month and then the affiliate $19.95 a month membership. well I watched the eight core commitments videos and I navigated through the site and saw some of my tools and now have an understanding of how this is supposed to work and how to make $ but I am so green when it comes to anything online. I don’t know how to blog very well and I’m sure I could learn fairly quickly but the problem is that I signed up a few days ago and my sponsor hasn’t even contacted me so I was wondering if there is any way to change my sponsor through empower. or could I just cancel my membership and then re-signup under a new sponsor? the truth is I’m really pumped up about this but I just don’t have any confidence in my sponsor. please let me know. thanks.


    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Mike, damn, wish you would’ve found me first. Empower Network has a strict 6-month no sponsor change policy, where you’d hafta quit and sit out for 6-months then re-signup under me.

      That probably ain’t gonna fly.

      So the only other option is to join me here, which gets you access to all the same Team Mojo bonuses and coaching.

  • Brad, Looks like a great program/product/service! Looking at EN to promote our existing company. We’re a 20+ yr. old company, Child Shield,USA, that prevents children from becoming missing and provides emergency response to find one’s that do. We have yet to start a blog and like what you have to say. Money is not an issue, but, TIME is a big one! It appears that many “bloggers” are at it 24/7/365. To represent a credible, 20+yr. old, National, award winning Company, What TIME commitment is needed to maintain a professional blog?
    thanks for the help!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey John, what a great biz — something I’m sure you take a lot of pride in! Cool thing about blogging is that you go at your own pace and create a model that fits your schedule.

      Most days, I probably do about 2-3 hours, but honestly, a lot of that is just hanging out and answering questions for my team.

      I have blogs that I haven’t touched in months that still make money for me, consistently.

      So when you create the right content and get it ranked in Google, it can be pretty much set-and-forget. And if money’s not tight, I can recommend people/companies that you can outsource the boring stuff to, which really saves a ton of time.

  • Shawn

    Hi Brad, Im really new to this and I came across this site and it sounds amazing I was hoping you can email me and give me a few more tips to get started

    • Brad Campbell

      The blog is filled with way more than tips, so please check out my blueprint tab at the top and follow that.

  • Jaime Morales

    I like the platform but the Costa Rica intensive should be remade. I believe some of that particular training is a little outdated and may confuse a few of the new members.

    What do you think?

    • Brad Campbell

      Agreed. That’s the worst product and although guys like me can find gems in almost anything Dave Wood speaks on, for the beginner, it needs updated — and soon.

  • Cory McGill

    Hey brad! i am really interested in joining your team can you email me please?

  • Megan

    I would love if you could e-mail me. I have some questions and it seems like you are fairly proactive with the people who are your down lines. Please e-mail me at your earliest convenience and please attach a link so that if the Empower Network is right for me I can join under you.

    • Brad Campbell

      Emailing now, thanks Megan…

  • Gary F

    Hey Brad, I have been checking your site out for some time the big question that arises is that if it is to good to be true, then its not. I havd been involved with mlms for years not having a whole of success. I have never done any kind of blogging, or such. In fact I have never done anything that has made the kind of success and financial stability you seem to have through Empower. I have many years of life behind me, but in those many years we have never been what you would call wealthy, at least not financially. Is it true that you cant teach an old dog new tricks? If so, than I would like to break that cycle.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Gary, it’s good, but not too good. I believe it’s the best thing out there right now, but not without faults. It’s expensive, there’s techie stuff to learn, some negativity surrounding it, etc, but it’s completely upgraded my life.

      I know this: I’ll do everything in my power to teach you those new tricks ;-)

      The cart opens back up on the 18th…

  • Barrett

    Hey Brad,

    Please send me an email, I’m interested to hear more.


    • Brad Campbell

      Sent, but hope you’re serious.

  • Hi Brad,

    I’ve featured you in my article today about inspiration for entrepreneurs and overcoming roadblocks to success. Appreciate the great videos you’re producing to help network marketers have success in this space. – Regards.

    • Brad Campbell

      So cool of you to give me a shout like that! Many thanks – you just got a new reader. Checked your blog — awesome content!

  • dave

    Brad……I am totally freaked out!!!!! I’ve watched, investigated, etc. Empower Network since their beginnings early 2011…..unfortunately, because of a very serious injury, I couldn’t join until now……..on Tuesday; 10/8 around 8:30, I tried to register and pay for the membership and affiliate program (so that I’d be grandfathered)……would not accept payment….told me to come back later. Well, “later” never happened…….I was told that my registration would be honored for the affiliate as (technically) I came in under the wire…..however, after numerous conversations, I was told today that I will have to wait until the 18th to pay and I will not be able to join under the Affiliates as “the system” won’t take it……I am trying to get hold of either Dave to find out if there’s anyway we can correct this……..got any ideas? Are you looking for new team members that are very goal oriented and want/need success?

    • Brad Campbell

      Always looking for quality new team members, however, I don’t have any tricks as far as how to sneak in early. I’m afraid you’ll hafta hurry up and wait. Hope you’ll stop back on the 18th.

  • diane

    Hello Brad, blogging sounds interesting, but I would not know the first thing to blog about. So when I join, I pay a recurring $25 and that’s it? What am I going to be selling when I blog, and will all traffic be free. Is it lucrative?

    • Brad Campbell

      Yes, it’s $25/mo. You can sell whatever you want. You can use free traffic, like I do, or run paid ads or both. It’s your biz. It has been for me ;-)

  • Umcy

    Can I join from Africa-Nigeria

  • William

    Hey i was wondering if you could tell me where the best place to advertise for empower network so i could make some sales? I am willing to spend money to make money

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey, I wish. I’ve only found one awesome source and I keep that private for my all-in team.

      • William

        What is your all-in team if you don’t mind me asking?

        • Brad Campbell

          Oh, sorry, just my Team Mojo’ers who’ve purchased all the products. I share a case study where I spent $240 and made over $17,000 (and counting). Sounds hypey, I know, but it was only 4 sales.

  • James


    I’m interested in becoming apart of EN. I would like to talk to you first though if and when you can find the time please email me (JLawson2009@yahoo.com).

  • Ledane Burnett

    Hey Brad…I would love to join your team but I have had so many problems trying to signup. Each time I click on join it sends me to some video then I typed in joinbradnow.com and that didn’t work. Please call or email me with instructions etc…so Ivan be part of mojo team…..19036511936 or email me orin.mmgllp@gmail.com


    • Brad Campbell

      Cart just opened up today. Did you get in?

  • Reggi

    You freakin copywriting “Gangsta”…. You should write a book bro.
    No wonder why you attract the groupies on an A-Lister ;)

    • Brad Campbell

      lol, I try. Appreciate the comment man… means a lot!

  • Steven W. Marks

    I’ll confess in advance that I’m a little intrigued by that Lindsey guy who wrote you, and suspect that he and I might have some common interests. I am a psychotherapist who I’d say has sort of “morphed” into a life coach, by the way. For quite a few years, I have also been “out on the fringes” with involvement in several different network marketing companies, most of which have reflected my interest in alternative health. Like many other people, I long ago learned that outstanding products, despite their value, may offer very little guarantee of profitability to the average distributor. My lack of business success, though, hasn’t necessarily dampened my enthusiasm for holistic health!
    Cutting to the chase, here are the two “most immediate” questions I have for you: First, IF I am understanding you correctly, you sort of suggested that some people might want to consider what sounds like a “mirror” self hosted blog site using Wordpress to go along with their Empower site just as a little extra “security,” I presume, and also, perhaps, to preserve some kind of ultimate autonomy. Would you be willing to say a little more about that? (And am I “anywhere close” with my understanding of the rationale for this?)
    My second question, probably much “simpler,” has to do with payment processing. Is there any reason we can’t use a system on our sites provided by Paypal? My understanding is that they have a program that allows credit/debit card purchases along with their standard Paypal processing option. Could this have some advantages over other alternatives?
    Thank you very much for any thoughts you may have on these subjects!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Steven, good questions.

      1) With blogs, there’s no real right or wrong. You could use just your Empower Network blog, just your own WordPress blog (like I do), or both. It comes down to preferences, vision, free time, and risk tolerance. The two biggest drawbacks of using the Empower blog are: a) what happens if EN should ever get shut down? (you’d lose everything) and b) you’ve got like 200,000 others using the same blog (which makes your biz a little cookie-cutter from the start). This is why I prefer to use my own blog.

      2) As of right now you can only use Empower Network’s eWallet payment processor. I’ve been using eWallet from the start and have never had any issues. Very happy with their service.

  • Thamali Srikantha

    Hey Brad, I’m planning to join your team. As I was going through the payment process there was a problem. They only asks for the billing information and my billing information goes under my Dad’s name and address which is different from mine. Is it gonna be a problem or can I change those information and address to mine when I’m signed up? Thanks (:

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Thamali, you should be able to change the info from your back office once you get signed up. Now worries, holla if you get stuck.

  • katlady

    Hi Brad –
    I’m not even sure how I came across your blog – and in all honestly, I have not been able to read through the entire page yet (but I will). I’m at “work” and unable to read what you’ve written.
    My question is (and I’m sure its in this page somewhere) – what would I exactly be blogging about?

  • giovanni

    Hey Brad, I will be joining you soon and hopefully get the chance to meet you and share my story. As for the time being I’m 20 years old and been reading books and probably half of what you basically said since I was 16. I’ve been dying to get my hands on something like this to take matters into my own hands because I feel like I’m ready to explode. I constantly do my p90x workout and my music and what not throughout my day and I want something like this to be my paper route. Once its apart of my daily routine, nothing will get in the way, not even problems because I take my problems and turn them into opportunities. I would love to hear more from you and congrats on everything you’ve accomplished and will accomplish.

    Much love, Giovanni

    • Brad Campbell

      Giovanni, love it! Cool to see young kids like you so focused already. With that type of commitment and big thinking, you’ll be a total rock star by the time you’re an “old” 32 like me haha.

      Thanks, you know where I’m at when/if you wanna roll with Team Mojo.

  • Hans Adam Graf

    Hallo Brad
    I’m just reading reviews on EN and learn a couple of things e.g.
    – EN has become so popular, that every newbie-newcomer will face massive
    competition and without any idea about strategic marketing and paid
    advertising campaigns it would be close to impossible to master.

    – With EN I can make money by blogging and affiliatesales. I lack in both!
    I have to write constant quality posts on an ongoing basis. are there
    informationsources available to perform this tasks.How do I research?
    May be you can update me, how to overcome these bottlenecks.

    – You advise to create an own blog to keep control over it ( the EN blog I do not
    own) Can I integrate my blog into the EN system?

    – I read, EN is a PONZI Scam and will be shut down within 6 months
    Further i read that EN has been suspended by Google, deranking them
    creating problems to market through them
    How EN reacts on these issues, if any?

    What do y o u think about this?
    I appreciate your insight and advice


    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Hans, I’d consult my done-for-you services if you’re worried about not being able to compete.

      It’s either your own blog or the EN blog. Choose one. I’d recommend using your own via WordPress, like I do.

      I have had zero problems selling EN on Google. How’d you find me? haha ;-)

  • Reggy

    hi Brad,
    I love your simplicity and and explaining Empower Network in your video.I have receive lots of mails top Empower network members but am really comfortable with you. I am a Nigerian and i don’t have a clue about blogging or internet marketing but am very passionate about joining the empower network and making money. I will really need your help to get started with your training and learn very fast.

    Please reply me


    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Reggy, I’m ready when you are.

  • David

    Hey Brad,
    I have been looking into this and I am interested. I have had some medical issues keep me from being able to do much else for now. I just recently got out of the hospital from having an operation that saved my life. I will be in recovery for several weeks. My goal is to be completely recovered by this Christmas. However, because of my lack of income right now I can only afford the $25 package. My question for you; is this $25 a month? I believe that is what I read. If so, why is it a monthly fee? Will I be able to make that $25 back in time to pay for the next month from using this program? How much from a minimum to a maximum will I be able to profit a month by purchasing this $25 package. Like I said I am definitely interested and almost ready to purchase the cheapest package to start with. If I could afford it I am sure I would be interested in getting the whole package. Still, being in my situation with a wife and kids, I have to know what I am getting into. I honestly can not afford to invest even $25 dollars into anything that is not going to bring me back a profit within the first month. Also, I would hate to get started and not be able to continue because I didn’t earn enough to pay the next $25. Like I said I am interested and almost ready. I just have honest questions that need honest answers.


    David J

    • Brad Campbell

      David, I’ll shoot straight. If $25/mo is an issue, I would NOT join. It’s very inexpensive to rock this biz, but I’d recommend having at least $500 to $1,000 to get the ball rolling.

  • David

    P.S. If it really will generate a good income then I will definitely invest into the whole package, but for now I have to start with the least expensive way in.

  • Jeremy

    Hi Brad,

    I ran across your blog while researching another company. I found EN, started looking into them and ultimately landed here. I have to say I am extremely impressed with your recruiting skill. Anyone serious about this business would be a fool not to want to align themselves with you. Congrats on your success.

    At any rate, with all the research I have done I am more than interested in wanting to get involved. I have done MLM’s before with moderate success and am looking for something to get on the ground floor with and grow to the point of being financially free. Who doesn’t want that though right?

    I have no experience writing blogs or setting up websites.. however, I do know how to market and sell a product/service. Is this something that someone like me can get into with little to no knowledge? I learn very quickly but my concern is lacking knowledge and experience that might hinder me from capitalizing on all the available features and benefits.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Jeremy, thanks for the feedback man. Appreciate it. You know, it always comes down to heart and hustle.

      Those who want it, who’re coachable, and who do the right things daily, always find success. I’m willing to lead the way if you’re willing to jog with me.

  • Eve

    Hi just came across your site. I am computer saavy and know that just writing will not bring people to my site. I bought tons of courses that show writing is not enough. But this empower does sound great.
    so for a person like me who does not like to write, can empower be for me?
    Currently I bought two courses that show people how to make money on facebook and creating videos for youtube but i need a product and I am looking for something that will give me residual income
    in your honest opinion. which group would keep an empower blog for years to come?
    I know that a business will not think its professional enough so if I wanted to sell empower as a blogging system which targeted group of people would feel that its worth 25 a month and not say that they can blog for free using free methods.
    hope to hear from you as most empower leaders are not there for their members unless they put out 5000 and up

    • Brad Campbell

      Empower? Yes. My personal blogging system? Not so much. Unless you use my done-for-you services.

      But yeah, you can definitely drive traffic with audios, videos, social networking, paid ads, etc. I don’t personally use their blogging system, as I still prefer WordPress at this time.

      That said, I respect the fact that they’re trying to change the game and if they get some of the kinks worked outta Blog Beast, I’ll consider it.

  • Johnny

    Brad you rock my hat goes off to you because you are maintaining rank in the mist of all the Google changes. I am with BIM and I must say that Empower network is the Beast of blogging, great content if anyone is thinking of joining please do so Brad seems like a great guy.

    • Brad Campbell

      That’s awesome to hear man, much appreciated. Dude, who did your header? I love it!

  • Great post bro…

    I been eyeballing your site for a few days now and I have 3 words..

    Simple, Clean, and Clear… You just have given me an entire new prospective on how I should continue blogging as far as “blog how you talk” – BIG “Wake yo a (double s)” up moment..lol

    Anyways maybe I can catch you at the next EN event so we can take a snap shot.. and You can rock my King crown in it..anywho awesome content Brad and I look forward to learning more from your knowledge and your blog – coolio bro take care.

    • Brad Campbell

      Those are the 3 words I was going for. Thanks buddy! Not sure I’m worthy, but I’d love to, lol…

      Thanks for the support.

  • Im just getting started in the empower network can you email back. My site just got up and its not going any where. My sponsor just started this also so she dont too much about it. Can you email asap please thank you!

    • Brad Campbell

      Ashanti, I charge a one-time fee of $500 to “adopt” you onto my Empower Network team. If you want to hop on that offer, let me know and I’ll send you the PayPal link to pay.

  • Sam


    What’s up man. I appreciate all of your expertise and willingness to share and equip future leaders the way you do.

    I’m extremely interested in getting involved with you/learning/duplicating what you’ve done to promote your success and establish yet another success story for ya. I’m eager, willing and pumped.

    I would be honored to have the privilege of learning from you and developing a professional, real, genuine and transparent value-packed system to offer ready buyers to solve their problems/meet their needs.

    I’m not exactly sure how to go forward on this but I’m ready to this thing rocking and I trust your leadership to pave the way. I know you’re stacked with time right now, but if possible, please email me with the next steps that need to be taken and I look forward to big things happening soon!

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks buddy! I just saw your FB message, so I’ll respond to that. Let’s rock and roll ;-)

  • Rahmon Dillard

    Hello Brad,

    I’m 28 years old and I joined Empower Network last week and became a affiliate and also a member of the “Big Idea Mastermind”. For the past 4 years I’ve been searching for ways to make a living online and I am a firm believer in internet marketing, the problem for me was I never had anyone to show me step by step on how to become successful for my business. I graduated from college in Arizona and figured this would be the best time for me to continue my internet marking search again and came across EN, then you.

    It’s nice that Empower Network is there to show me step by step process in the 8 core steps, its a learning curve but I’m taking plenty of notes for success. I wanted to know if you ever hold functions or seminars that I can attend? Though this journey is my own path it would be nice to be around people who are on the same path with me and to vibe on the same energy to success. Thank you for your time!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey, I don’t currently have anything live that I run/offer.

      I do have a backdoor access option for those who’re already on another team and wanna work with me. That’s all I got. I appreciate you reaching out…

  • John John

    Hey brad, My Name Is John and I’m working a dead end job going nowhere in this field struggling every day I live with my parents and my wife and kids I’ve been looking for a better way to start providing better for me and my family. So Let me start off by saying that everything that I read sounds great and sounds like you know what you’re taking about. But Here is the thing let’s take somebody like me I do not know anything about blogging or Marketing so with that being said with your training and coaching should I be able to succeed I have the drive and the motivation I’m willing to work hard and I would love to make income that would make me a great provider for my family.. So My Question is am I somebody that you and your team can work with so that I can share my success story one day I do not have much money but am willing to spend in order to gain please give me your input… In Advance Thank You

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey John, I’m always honest and I really don’t think this is right for you. It takes money, time, focus, a desire to build a real business and add value. Too many people get in this b/c they’re in a tough spot financially and need to make money. Problem is, money-chasing typically doesn’t lend results.

      I’m looking for people who come in with a passion. A vision. A game plan.

  • Obed Buenrostro

    So the costa rica one is not good? If I am going to start and I want to start with that for the moment cause thats only what I can do , your saying its iffy… What does the mean ? its not effective or …..?

    • Brad Campbell

      It’s my least favorite of all the courses. I think they need to update it. Still some golden nuggets in there, but the $15k Formula is much better.

  • nicole sturn

    Hi Brad,
    I saw where you mentioned below that you are in direct daily contact with all-ins ..I am all-in and would really like to talk with you, how does that work?:)


    • Brad Campbell

      Did I miss something? I don’t see that you ever purchased the Masters Course. But, besides that, I’m available 7 days a week inside the Team Mojo Facebook group and always working personally with my all-ins. Drop me a line any time in FB – whaddya waiting for? ;-)

  • Chris C

    Hey Brad,

    Landed on your page and it has me interested. I’d like to see some details. Not sure where you start so I guess e-mail me.



    • Brad Campbell

      Hey man, did you miss the big bold link in the blue box at the end of the review?

  • Arnaldo

    Hey, what’s up Brad?

    Just want to say congratulations on your success. I am currently a sales rep making in a year what you probably make in a month or so. Not too familiarized with online marketing but I am willing to learn everything you can teach me. I’m a fast learner, motivated, dedicated, and just determined to make this work. The potential amount of income doing this sounds like a dream, and I’m willing to chase after it. More importantly, I want to help others achieve this. If you could bless me with some words of wisdom, knowledge, or an e-mail it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    • Brad Campbell

      Sending email now, Arnaldo, thanks.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Brad just got done reading your awesome reviews and responses.. You definitely sound like you would have the knowledge to help Me reach career goal.. And that is to work for myself making great money and allowing Me to spend more time with my family.. I am a huge social butterfly and have no problem dealing with people.. But as far as computer knowledge that is a whole different story.. I know the basics and just currently enrolled in online courses for computer programming.. So coming across Empower Network could not have come at a better time.. After reading your company overview and I really feel like Empower Network is exactly what I’ve been looking for.. Not to mention that you want Us to be successful an willing to guide Us in the right direction to get there.. So needless to say I would love to bece a part of Team Mojo.. But I do have some questions that I have for you.. Could you please email me at jdadams19761@gmail so that we can talk more?? Thanks you in advance for your time and consideration.

    • Brad Campbell

      Sending email now. I usually don’t. Hope you’re not a tire kicker ;-)

  • Beretta Johnson

    Hey Brad,
    I’m so interested in empower network I joined last year but when I asked my team for help, I got no response! I just need some guidance and with you as my leader I think I can succeed. Please email info on what to do next. Cant wait to get started!!

    • Brad Campbell

      Awesome Beretta, just go to JoinBradNow (dot) com and get registered.

  • candice

    Hey brad,

    I definitely love your style and your ambition and would really like to work in your team. I think I have the greatest opportunity to succeed with you as my mentor. I would really like it if you can help me shoot off the ground when i sign up. I will inform you when i sign up. Thank you. Looming forward to this.

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks Candice. Wow, great news. Cannot wait. Will look for your name coming through my back office very soon then ;-)

  • Hey Blogging King!
    I would love to be able to do a ‘Guest post’ on your excellent info-based blog! Whatda say?…..LOL

    Blogging Queen…

    • Brad Campbell

      You’re putting me in a weird spot, since then I’d be getting requests from like 100 people a day saying “but you let Maria do it.”

      Hmm, let me think about it. Maybe something behind-the-scenes, lol…

  • Chia

    Hi Brad I sent you a comment a few months back but never got a reply. i heard alot about empower but never got around it. i love you blog here LOL. can you email me and we can talk some more, if i get on board i will love your support, so what do you say???

    • Brad Campbell

      Chia, unless it got swallowed up by my spam filter, I always respond to each comment personally. I typically don’t email because if I did I’d spend all day responding to tire kickers :)

  • Dameion

    Hey Brad,

    I’m trying to find out what counties this is limited to?

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey, as long as you speak English and can submit your payment, you’re good to go. I don’t know of any geo-restrictions. We’re global ;-)

  • James

    Yo Brad,

    Legit blog brutha, I’ve been browsing around on here for a good 3 hours 0_o. I came across EN through someones Instagram I stumbled upon while browsing through #Hashtags. I believe it was #laptoplifestyle lol… Finally after seeing everyone flashing their cash, I researched. Cutting it short, after reading a few different reviews/blogs, here I am.

    I like to call myself an online marketer, although I don’t have that much experience. I do run my own Music blog via wordpress: madiqsworld(dot)com although it has only been live for about a 3 weeks, so it’s kind of bland. It’s definitely a work in progress and I have done some marketing for brands in the past, I’m still trying to finalize my whole vision as far as my online presence goes. For the time being, I want to start venturing off in to other forms of marketing. I currently have several inactive urls that I’ve purchased, so I’m definitely taking EN in to consideration as I could use one of them for this.

    I’d love to work with you as a mentor figure, you seem genuine and have provided great content on this blog. I read in the comments somewhere that you run a few niche blogs and rank well with them so you may be a great help to me.

    A little bit about myself :

    I’m a 24 yr old Dad of a 4 yr old lil dude, I live in southern CA and work a 9-5 doing social media marketing and digital media marketing for an Insurance company that I won’t name. BORING and not much of a career path, although I have learned a lot from their web developers and IT team, so I’m grateful for that. Bottom line is, I’m tired of having time OR money (not very much) and never both. My son is getting older by the day and will begin kindergarten next year. I fear that I will miss his cool plays and sports and all the fun-filled memories of being a Dad. So while, I’m working my 9-5 I’m beginning to build online contacts, doing small projects like seo articles, some content writing, social media marketing, front end code like html and css, hoping that I’ll eventually build a consistent enough clientele so that I can work for myself, or a spark will ignite in this brain of mine and I’ll figure out what it is I want to do and can make a good living off of. Oh, I’ve also built an E-commerce website using the Magento Platform, which actually turned out to work quite well for the friend I built it for. I mention all this so you’ll know that I’m pretty web friendly and savvy, I know my way around the web pretty well, and I’m only learning more.

    Not to give you too much of my life story, but hey you shared pictures of your family so I thought I’d share a little about mine, maybe you’ll understand my motivation. I’m working pretty hard at this, it’s just about being persistent and continuing to move forward at this point.

    If you could please shoot me an E-mail, just so I know this is all still active and up to date. I haven’t signed up for anything yet, only because I barely found this particular site today so I want to do a little thorough research first. You seem much more friendly, straight forward and enthusiastic about this network than any of the other sites I’ve seen. If you can help me with my questions/concerns. I could potentially get moving a lot faster.

    Look forward to hearing from you, I could go for one of those mid-day coronas myself : )



    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks for sharing James. Emailing you now.

  • Randy Baith

    I am interested in buying a course on SEO, but I have websites already and do not need the blog, can you sell me a course on SEO? Their methods seem to be working.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Randy, I do have what’s called “backdoor access” which gives you all of my blogging and SEO tactics, plus live webinars and support. It’s basically a live, ongoing SEO clinic ;-)

      It’s $125/mo. Stay as long as you want. See the link at the top of my partner page here if you’re interested.

  • bob

    Hi Brad

    I would like to talk to you before joining your team. Can you please email me a phone number on this. thanks.


    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Bob, I’d first need to know which level you’re leaning towards joining at and how likely you are to join.

      Reason being, I get dozens of requests like this each day, and most of the people are just tire kickers.

  • Captain UnderPants

    Having worked with an Mlm Rockstar for the last two years as a content provider, this is one of the most honest reviews of a MLM, I’ve seen since the invention of the Ponzi scam. Nice work on being transparent, it will work in your favor.

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks Cap’n. After 2 years, what’s your take on this industry?

      Personally, I still hate MLM and most of what it stands for.

  • bob

    Hi Brad

    In answer to your questions, we are ready to join today if it seems as though we can work together and make this happen. We have been involved with the internet since 1996 and were one of the first to get online. We also incorporated in 1996, maintain and internet corporation, and maintain numerous websites and blogs. However, for reasons i wont go into here, the time and circumstances were not right and we kept spinning our wheels but the time is now. Our intention is to start at the 25 level and see if we can make this program work for us with your help. We are ready to ramp this up as we expand. Having already invested many thousands of dollars in internet marketing, I am looking for a good mentor to help us make this program work for us and a good program to proceed with. Dont sell us short. We have achieved top marketing status in a number of conventional and mlm marketing areas and I am sure that with your help we can do so here. I hope to hear from you soon.


    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks Bob, see my email buddy.

  • Susan

    Hi Brad,
    I left you a message on Facebook.
    Am interested in knowing how the Backdoor Access works.
    Kudos to you on your site, I love it! Thanks for all the great information!

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks Susan. Reply sent. Hope to work with you shortly.

  • Akpos

    one major setback i have for not yet joining EN is product or service to offer in return for cash. I understood what EN is all about.

    Sir, as someone with high experience in online business and that have made alot from the system,
    please can i be part of ur team for you to guide me and probably give to me what to selling to be paid commission for?
    Sir please if you don’t mind, i would need personal reply from.

    • Brad Campbell

      Sure, would love to mentor you. Empower Network does offer a 3-day refund now. So you can get in, have a look around and see if it’s for you before you decide if you wanna stick around long-term.

  • Nasser

    Hi Brad
    Thanks for your honest review. My question is , if someone is not 18 years old yet can do this bossiness?

    • Brad Campbell

      No, from my understanding, you’d need to be 18 years of age or older to participate.

      • Michael Kempnich

        Dear Brad;

        I would like to make an inquiry regarding joining your R360. I am not sure how to go about it. I read through this website with regard to R360. Can you please advise.

        Thank you.

        Kind regards,

        Michael Kempnich

        • Brad Campbell

          Emailed you.

  • Akpos

    Hey Brad
    Am satisfied with ur reply. How can i register in EN under u as my sponsor? U are truly genuine.
    would u mind shooting me an email?


  • Eric Cross

    Hi Brad,
    Thank you for putting hope back into people who gave up on Empower Network. I notice that lots of people came into EN to make money selling the product and not to Blog Daily. When people join your team, what MUST they be willing to do to make money. I think this is important to know before anyone join. It`s so easy to pull out a credit card and join, but than what`s next. I believe people are going to join you by the thousands because so many people has been lied to and had no support and you are so honest. Keep up the good work. What must I do to change my sponsor ?

    • Brad Campbell

      I tell my teammates they can use any route they’d like, but my go-to strategy is blogging and using free traffic.

      So you should be leaning towards wanting a nice lil blogging biz of your own. If not, if you’d rather just do paid traffic, I’m probably not the right sponsor.

      Assuming you are, the requirements are pretty simple: learn, do, teach.

      I expect my peeps to consume the EN products, learn from them, go and implement what they’re learning, then teach that specialized knowledge back to their blog readers.

      It’s consistent, focused, money-making tasks carried out each day.

      I’m expecting you to follow my guidance, and create high value content, then go out and promote that content to get ranked in Google.

      I would just give their customer support a call, explain your situation and see if how they’d like you to handle it.

  • Dustin

    Hey brad, I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’m tired of going out to work 12-14 hours a day just to barely make it by. I keep reading and hearing about empower network and other Internet money making plans but don’t which one is legit. I’ve been burned in the past probably spent about 4k on Internet software that promised to make money over night and it was very difficult to navigate as a newbie. I have the right mindset I’m attracting nothing but positivity in my life but just tired of the everyday rate race.. I don’t want to have to worry about money or worry about waking up at 4 am to go to work everyday and not get home till 7 pm I’m tired of it.. I want why you got.. But I’m gonna be blunt, are you just another one of these gurus trying to get people to sign up under you so you can rack up your checking account ? That’s the question I have about all of these Internet marketing strategies, it all sounds to good to be true!! I want in if its true though… Shoot me an email and let me know how to get started .. Thanks for all your candor

    • Brad Campbell

      Ouch. I don’t miss those days. Check your inbox :)

  • James

    Greetings from Ohio! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to browse your
    site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the knowledge you provide
    here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m surprised at how
    quick your blog loaded on my mobile .. I’m not even using WIFI, just
    3G .. Anyways, excellent site!

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks James. Done a ton of optimizing to make it run smoothly on all devices.

  • Todd Roberts

    Brad, I’m a former MLMer here who actually made some money, and is considering going that route again, but wonders if he has the chops to get out there and beat the bushes like he did then. I would be lying if I said I completely understood how a blog makes money, nor do I understand how to create one. With that being said, do I have a chance at this? I would like to find out from you how to do this. Thanks!

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Todd, sorry for delay. Took a few days off. Successful people tend to have success in whatever they put their mind to. That’s what I’ve found.

      So, just based off the fact that you actually had success in traditional MLM says a lot.

      To me, it says you’d be a lot more likely to crush it with Empower Network than most. I’d love to be the one to teach you. Please holla with any questions you have.

      Oh, and don’t worry about the blogging or internet marketing. That’s what all their products cover. And I bring a lot to the table in terms of a sponsor who actually makes all of his money through blogging.

  • Joe

    Hi Brad,

    I understand up to a certain point but I need to be clear on how to make money blogging.
    – learn the empower products and teach others how to use them?
    – Use the products to direct traffic to a specific product or service websites. (mine or for others)
    Is that basically it? I saw a video where you advised committing to the best empower products so you can get like returns. Would one not be overwhelmed with all the information up front.

    Please enlighten me on my options. Personally I have NEVER blogged. High learning curve

    Also good job with the information on this sight. One word…Passion!!!!

    Please email me. Very interested


    • Brad Campbell

      Sounds like you’re on the right track. Will email you now… thanks Joe.

  • Hey Brad,

    Is it true that you don’t have to buy the products to qualify for the commission anymore? Can you give me some details on this?

    Like $25 blogging platform and inner circle and the Costa Rica Intensive, you don’t have to purchase them yourself to sell and earn commission? Did I hear that right?

    • Brad Campbell

      So what the deal is there are 2 ways to qualify to earn commissions.

      1) Buy the products yourself.

      2) Sell each product to a non-affiliate first. Meaning, to qualify for the $15k Formula, you’d need to make one sale of that product to someone who buys but does not activate their affiliate account. Then you’re qualified.

      • Peter H.

        I see. But is that even realistic?

        How do you sell a product to someone that does not activate their affiliate account? Since buying the product qualifies them for commission, does it not make sense that someone will remain as a non-affiliate after buying the product?

        • Brad Campbell

          Yeah, if you market to customers. Sure, if you market to business builders, there’s a high probability of them becoming affiliates.

          But if you promote the products to brick and mortar small biz owners, for example, and position the blog and how-to’s as the solution they need to dominate their local scene and get more leads and paying customers… sounds realistic to me.

  • Julie

    If their blog is as viral as it claims to be,
    Why don’t you use their blog platform?

    • Brad Campbell

      I talked about this above and linked to my product reviews, where I cover this in a lot of detail.

      I do use it.

  • Emanuel

    hey Brad I want to get on with team Mojo but I’m a little timid which is very unlike me. I like your style and I like your swag as a business man, so tell me what I have to do because I’m ready !

    • Brad Campbell

      Hey Emanuel, thanks for the compliment. Let’s do it my man. All you have to do is go here and click the link to get signed up. After I see your name come through, I’ll be contacting you to get this party started.

  • kazeem

    i will like to know more about this mlm to enable me join immediately,pls advise

    • Brad Campbell

      Just go to my partner page and buy.

  • Rachel

    I am extremely on the fence about joining. I don’t know a good sponsor, and I have no experience in marketing whatsoever, but I am always up for learning something new. Could you email me? I have some questions about this process. Thanks!

  • hantu

    Hi, I would like to subscribe for this blog to take most recent updates,
    thus where can i do it please assist.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Hantu, you can do that here.

  • Ryan

    Hello Brad, my name is Ryan.

    I am currently in the search to ditch corporate America and begin making money via online marketing. I’ve checked out Xplocial and even a few others where I did create a website in the past but lack the experience thus far. EN looks like a great new market to penetrate. I will be giving this the upmost dedication, actually, I will be giving the best opportunities I see a chance this year.

    I have a few questions if you could please e-mail me.
    What are the actual products that are being sold? Is it marketing tips and strategies online as well as the SEO and traffic pusher?

    Are there tangible real objects to be sold or must I supply those on my own? I am currently writing a book that is almost finished, I am just lacking the funding for publication of thousands of books.

    I do see online marketing as “the next big thing” and want to get into this market as quickly as possible. I would like to join your team If you could please answer my questions via e-mail and please explain to me what we would do as a team (seeing as I would lik to branch off as a leader in the following years).

    Thank you very much Brad.


    • Brad Campbell

      Sending now Ryan, thank you.

  • bwambale chris

    i would like to join the empowerment network.

  • bwambale chris


    • Brad Campbell

      Just click my affiliate link on this page and let’s rock and roll.

  • Jake

    Hello, Brad i’ve come across your blogs a couple times now! I am involved in wake up now. With that being said do you think the $25 blogging platform would allow me to generate leads for wake up now? Also I understand their are products to sell through empower network and would like to expand later into marketing those, but would the $25 a month be what I need to generate online leads for wake up now?

    Thanks Jake

    • Brad Campbell

      Yes, it allows you to blog about whatever you want and capture leads.

      I’ve got other teammates who’re rocking WUN as well.

  • Joe G.

    I have big questions. please get back to me. Thanks

    • Brad Campbell

      I have big answers, I hope :)


  • Ivan

    hey how much commission can you earn on the internet marketing formula out of the $997 ?

    • Brad Campbell

      $697 – in fact, I’ll have a new video uploading in about 5 mins that shows multiple $697 commissions from today.

  • Chris

    Hi Brad, I love this site! Very informative and it’s helping me in making some distinctions about EN.

    I joined under a top dog in 2012 and made a few sales w/ upsells using what I consider to be my strengths – relationship marketing/using the phone. As you know, this is not what EN teaches and it’s certainly not what my sponsor advocates. I actually took his perspective to heart and quit the business after the first event in Atlanta, which I attended. I recently rejoined (reactivated same position) and am still struggling with my proposed DMO since it is counter to what the EN culture is all about. I sense that I could build, at least to start, using the strengths I described, to get paid some commissions to reinvest into more product and paid traffic, (I own VBS, IC, CRI and 15K) but my mind is trying to convince me that it would be very difficult to do so, going against the EN message and culture. A secondary reason for my dilemma is knowing I’m a bit of a technophobe and do not want to bog myself down again by feeling as if I need to learn everything in the products, then spend months implementing it and learning by trial and error, before having the remote potential to get paid.

    Again, I feel as if I can build this (promote the business) by using traditional word of mouth strategies until I muddle my way through the learning curve to follow the strategies taught within the products…and I believe I could sell products to non-affiliates too by using the phone, face to face methods or with social media. Am I deluding myself here or, in your “insider” opinion, is this a doable approach toward succeeding with EN?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Chris

      You know Brad…if I believe I can, then I should just go do it.
      I want to do this. I don’t care what my sponsor says about it.


      • Brad Campbell

        Dude, you answered it yourself. And I couldn’t agree more. MLMs were built off old school, face-to-face, phone-calling, etc. It definitely works. Totally not my style, but I respect those who’s it is.

        If that’s your wheelhouse, friggin’ crush it.

  • Hi Brad,
    You sure keep it real. My question is this. I am a minister to a large Internet Christian Community and I desire to spread my message by blogging but my message is about How God Wants You To Be Rich And Not Poor.
    How can I use Empower Network to help my members to make money? Would everyone have to learn how to Blog in order to make money? How would I be able to help my community by joining your team? My Community is 10,000 members and growing.

    Be Blessed,

    • Brad Campbell

      Thanks E, sounds like an important message to me. Yes, your community ‘could’ learn to blog. That’s one way. My favorite way.

      But not the only way.

      You can promote Empower Network offline, online, through email, over the phone, or any combination. I believe you just signed up to a strategy call, so maybe let’s discuss further when we chat.

  • Ronin

    Hi brad, I am from Singapore been searching, studying information about empower network but still not actually in it. Kindly help me to understand more , it would greatly help to convince me in my decision to join. Kindly email me back and give me more insight on what exactly it is that EN does to improve networking system knowledge.

    • Brad Campbell

      Hi Ronin, please watch the video at the top – I no longer recommend Empower Network.

  • Bobbie

    It makes since… I’m interested in learning more!

  • Dennis

    I’m intrigued, but I don’t make a financial commitment without speaking. If you’re willing, so am I.

    Let me know.


    • Brad Campbell

      I think you missed the entire first few paragraphs and video that says I no longer am involved with Empower Network.

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