BlogBeast Buzz: Tony Rush, Cocaine, Cash

I’m on a private Empower Network BlogBeast hangout right now.

As usual, Dave Sharpe called out a few of Empower’s all-time top earners to share some words of wisdom.

Not surprising, Tony Rush kicked things off.

Also not surprising, he shared something that really opened my eyes.

Ready for it?  Here goes:

“You’re In The Right Place At The Right Time, Right Now.”

Stay with me…

Yes, I’ve been excited about the launch of ENV2 for a while; yes, I’ve said myself that we’re about to enter a hyper growth phase.

All very true.

So why did that simple message take my existing excitement and make it snort a line of cocaine?

Well, even with all my big expectations, what Tony said really made me see this sucker in a whole new light.

My vision went from, “the new blog’s gonna be better for Team Mojo and the buzz will help everyone sell more basic memberships,” to “this is like buying up a shit-ton of Apple stock upon public offering way back in the damn dizzay.”

You picking up what I’m putting down?

Yeah, well, unlike Apple stock — which still would’ve been super awesome, don’t get me wrong — this won’t take years to see that kind of crazy return.

It’s the type of thing, where, getting some good search engine rankings now or figuring out a winning paid traffic campaign now or going YouTube crazy right now could take you from zero to $10,000 per month in a matter of days.

Big, fat, obvious income disclaimer:

I’m merely pointing out what’s possible.  This is only my gut feeling.  I could be way wrong.

There’s no guarantee of any kind.

But one would think, with all the hype and excitement this new and improved Viral Blogging System is sure to cause…

… combined with the fact that it’s supposedly a blog platform game-changer…

… a good traffic source could become effin’ unbelievable (that’s scientific for “great”) once that switch gets flipped and the BlogBeast cart opens.

Be honest.

You’ve done it.  I’ve done it.  We’ve all done it.  We’ve all whined about never getting lucky.

Never being in the right place at the right time.

And I’m not really a believer in getting lucky and I’m not saying that joining Empower Network today would be like winning the lottery.

But I am saying it COULD be.

For the right people.  Like me, for example:

… someone who’s all in — physically, mentally, emotionally.

… someone who genuinely believes in this company, its leaders, and its products.

… someone who’s willing to sprint for the next month, knowing that a few all-nighters could translate into the biggest paydays these eyes have ever seen (by a long shot).

Someone like that should get in, get pumped, and get busy.

Because if I’m right, that type of person is on the verge of a complete lifestyle makeover.

Zero to hero.

Down with a frown to sunny skies and Mai Thais.

This job’s killin’ me to nobody’s as ill as me.

(Speaking of cocaine, I swear I only abuse coffee.)

Anyways, leave it to Tony Rush to provide clarity over something I thought was already crystal clear.

But what now, right?

BlogBeast Bullets

“Brad’s buzzin’ about Blog Beast but what do I do to cash-in?”

Well, besides, grandfathering-in your $25 Viral Blogging System price — plus getting personal mentoring and all of my Team Mojo bonuses — by clicking over to my partner page:

  • Identify a pocket of blog buyers
  • Make a list of everything they’re Googling daily
  • Write next-level content covering each of those terms
  • Optimize it so that Google hearts it, like this
  • Start driving traffic using these techniques
  • And basically go guerrilla on your competitors

… so that you’re every-freakin’-where your most likely-to-buy prospects are…

… is a helluva place to start.

I mean, that’s what I did and it’s worked out pretty well for me.

And it’s what I’ll continue to do, hardcore, for the next couple of weeks until ENV2 or BlogBeast or whatchamacallit (do they still make that candy bar or what?) goes live.

This video reveals more.

#1 Empower Network Blogger,

Brad Campbell