The Best MLM Compensation Plan For 2013

by Brad Campbell on November 28, 2012 in MLM

One of the most important factors that determines how much money you stand to make within any MLM company is the compensation plan.

Sure, there are other factors.

But let’s assume we’re talking only about top tier multi-level marketing businesses with high-quality products, great support, proven funnels and so on.

Given all that, it really comes down to the comp plan.

I’ve had a few LAZY MLM readers ask me what I think is the best MLM compensation plan for 2013

… so here’s my answer:

Empower Network

And most importantly, here’s why:

First, they payout 100% commissions.  No weak stuff.

Because their product line consists of digital courses and online training, the extremely low overhead allows them to pay YOU 100% of the retail price.

And you know what?

That’s cool and all, but it’s really not that cool without my second point, which is: high priced products.

Seriously, nothing to brag about if you’re taking home 100% of $15, right?

Big whoop.

Well, with Empower Network, at the time of writing this… their product line looks like so:

  • $25 per month blogging platform
  • $100 per month Inner Circle membership
  • $500 Costa Rica Intensive mastermind
  • $1,000 $15k Per Month Formula
  • $3,500 Masters Course

I should note that their Masters Course does not pay out at 100%, but you still take home $3,000 per sale.

So, from just one new sponsor, you stand to make up to $4,625 — and $125 of that is recurring each and every month.

Boom goes the dynamite ;-)

It’s easy to see that regular $500 to $1,000+ days are entirely possible with this program.

I should know.  I’ve been doing it – here’s proof:

best compensation plan my results

Now, I can’t help but have some bias because I’m already in Empower Network, getting serious results and loving every minute of it.

But nonetheless, I’m an honest dude who tells it like it is…

… and I couldn’t be more genuine when I say that I believe this is the absolute best company, with the absolute best compensation plan, for anyone who’s looking to get in and GET MONEY with a smoking hot opportunity for 2013 and beyond.

Sorry, got a little excited there.

The final aspect that takes Empower’s compensation package over the top is the pass-up sales from your downline.

In my opinion, they’ve struck a perfect balance between passing up just enough to where you benefit from a well-trained downline, but not so much that only the big guys at the top make all the money.

In other words, it’ll be worth your time to help your team succeed.

But don’t worry about never being able to make more than your personal sponsor ’cause that ain’t going to be a problem.

Here’s how the pass-ups play out:

You receive your downline’s 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale they make thereafter.

Here’s the Empower Network comp plan broken down:

The moral of the story?

You get paid, often.

It sounds more confusing than what it is.  Just know, once you get all-in and begin following my big pimpin’ core commitments, the money faucet will officially be turned on.

So if, after reading every word on this page and watching the above video, you’re with me…

… and you agree this is one badass compensation solution…

… why not join my team?

I’m a free traffic expert who’ll show you how to blog your way to a LAZY 6-figure MLM income, without doing offline marketing, picking up the phone, hosting home parties or hounding your friends and family.

You can learn more about me by watching this video.

After doing that, you’ll know I’m the man with the master plan and Empower Network is the vehicle you need to succeed with speed.

(That was an off-the-cuff freestyle about network marketing, lol.)

Remember, this is a wuss-free zone.

Helping you work less and make more in MLM,

Brad Campbell

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Hi Brad,

Hope all is good mate, congrats on getting on the leaderboard! Quick question:- the u tube video in this blog post. How exactly did you embed as i’d like to embed on my own blog. Copying the embed code and saving into the html on wordpress doesn’t seem to work!

Thanks Brad,


Brad Campbell

Thanks buddy! It took me a long time to figure this out. I’ll email you the exact code you need to paste into the TEXT editor of WordPress for it to work. Remember to update/publish in TEXT mode first, before switching back to Visual editor mode. It should work just fine for ya…



Hey Brad,

Awesome blog you have there, can I also request the exact code to embed on my EN Blog?





Good job u did here , but i think it not as easy as you just put it , anyway try to find out what mlm company is best to join , i already tryed Empower network some months back i did pay for inner , couldn’t set it up , then just forget about it, can i sign up again ? If i do will u take me tur the steps of seting it up?


Brad Campbell

Hi Honey, yes, I’ve got your back. See my partner with me tab at the top.




I’ve been approached by many people about the EN opportunity and have held off on becoming a member. These people claim to be heavy hitters in the Network (Steve Jaffe, Nick Pratt, Joanne Pham) to name a few.
You are the first one to actually take the time to break down the compensation plan, which makes complete sense to me. It is truly impressive on how much money could actually be made.

Thank you for that. You ROCK my friend.


Brad Campbell

Thanks for the comment and feedback, Keith. It’s an amazing experience. Love me some Empower Network. Really did transform my life. Or gave me the means to, anyways.

Help, not hype. That’s what I’m about. So I don’t go around recruiting people. I blog. I let buyers come to me ;-)



Please send more info on what it takes to build in Empower Network. I need to be sure about the time and effort needed because I have little of either to spare.


Brad Campbell

Then I don’t think you’d be a good fit. You need both to make any biz opp work.


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