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Who the hell is Brad Campbell?

I’ll tell ya who: husband, father of two, lover of Monday’s, owner of an alter ego named “Profit Pimp.”  That’s who.

On a side note: he used to order his Cheetos from Tito in the projects.  But as fate — or that tramp, Felicity, who snuck off with his secret stash — would have it… the cost of shipping went up.  So he moved in with Tito to save some coin.

So, fuck it, go ‘head and add problem-solver to his laundry list of ah-mazingly awesome accolades.


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I’ll stop there.  Talking about yourself is lame.

If you wanna know more, you can always read 25 embarrassing facts about me.  Promise not to laugh?


What’s this site all about?  And why should you Velcro yourself to it?

Here’s how Lazy MLM can help you

Lazy MLM is a pull-no-punches coaching blog for network marketing misfits, who roll their eyes at slow, scuzzy, saturated multilevel marketing nonsense.

Expect entertaining, unconventional lessons about going fast and looking sexy online.

No money-chasing, opportunity-seeking or company cheerleading allowed.

Instead, I’ll show you how to create a real internet business.  That you own.  And control.  That’ll be here for the long-term.  And that you can take great pride in building.

These concepts have made me an online millionaire at 33 years old.  Just sayin’.

Fill your prescription

The Zofran for your home party vomiting; the Viagra for your flaccid 3-way calls; the Xanax for your information overwhelm; Lazy MLM is doctor-recommended once a day, on an empty stomach, with a shot of Grey Goose.  (Or six.  Who’s counting, right?)

The former pharmacist, out.

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