If you hate reading, here’s a video interview I did:

Or here’s the text version:

I’m a family guy.  Got a wife.  Two kids.  I wake up every day feeling grateful.


Not the best pic, but there’s meaning behind it:

My sister and I have a picture of the two of us by that same creepy pink elephant when we were my kids’ age.

So there.


Yeah, I got my super sexy Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Iowa in 2006.

Moved out to sunny Arizona and took a job with Walgreens as a professional pill pusher.  Hated it.  With a passion.

Freaked the bleep out.

“How the hell was I gonna do THIS for the next 35 years of my life?” was the question that kept replaying in my head every morning when I made the drive in to the horrendous 10 or 12-hour shift that awaited me.

My first real attempt at getting out was starting a local personal training business.

Getting new clients was tough.

Go figure.

So I turned to Google and started searching for information on how to get new leads using the internet.

Decided I needed a blog.  Built one.


“Damn, how do I make this thing show up on Google?”

Enter tens of thousands of dollars spent on my online marketing education, hundreds of hours of in-the-trenches grunt work and many, many, many failures later…

… and here I am, typing my about page for Lazy MLM.

(Somewhere along the way I got good at blogging and decided training clients one-on-one in the park wasn’t scalable.  So I ditched that and discovered affiliate marketing.  Then network marketing.  And finally, AdvoCare.)

It’s been a helluva ride.

And I’m still fairly young, I guess.

Throughout this journey, I’ve learned so much about what not to do, that I’m super confident about what to do to generate funny money online.

This blog will reveal everything I know.

Every post will be a case study, with simple, actionable, follow-along steps that any network marketer can copy to get results.  Okay, maybe not every post, but most.

Oh.  Just so you know.

Lazy MLM is not about being lazy — it’s about building a smarter, faster, way more profitable, way more enjoyable multi-level marketing business using the internet.

I don’t do any of that soul-sucking crap the old-school MLM’s encourage:

No hitting up friends and fam, no 3-way calls, no home parties, none of that garbage.  Hope that’s okay.

Wink, wink.

I use an innocent little blog (like this) and rank it in Google for what I call “buyer keywords” people are out there searching for.

This brings me quality prospects who already wanna buy what I’m selling.

The result?

A true laptop lifestyle.  No rules.  Complete freedom.  And unlimited earning potential.

Sound clever, Trevor?

Yeah?  Well allow me to set the mood:

One more thing.

It’s super weird.  I’ve got an alter ego.  He goes by “Profit Pimp.”  He does most of the blogging these days.

You never know what’s gonna come out of his mouth.

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Anyways, he keeps it real, raw, edgy and entertaining.  Click on him to become a digital hustler today:


Click here for my $1k/day blogging secrets…

Keeping it groovy like a drive-in movie,

Brad Campbell