Hey, I’m Brad Campbell, affiliate marketing mentor to the stars.

I just joined forces with my player partner Dan Klein, who’s an internet marketing consultant (that’s fancy talk for digital gangster) in his own right.  Together, we bring you “Job Killing.”

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So you probably already know my back story.

I was a pharmacist.  Until I blew up my internet business.

Retired at 31 years young, I’m now pulling down over seven times what I did as a Doctor of Pharmacy.

That’s trippy.

Here’s a recent screenshot from my business checking account:


Notice the teeny-tiny affiliate commissions?

And the fatty $12,521 deposit?

Yeah, well, there’s a reason we don’t teach affiliate marketing or network marketing.  Actually, a few:

  • You don’t get paid dick
  • Payment processor fees are a bitch
  • It takes weeks, sometimes months to get paid
  • You have no “back end” which is where all the BIG money is

Once I realized this, I stopped everything I was doing and revamped my entire online business.

Now?  I’m in control.

I get paid what I’m worth.  Immediately.  And every month thereafter.  I take home 97% of every dime I earn.  Most importantly, I have the ability to up-sell, cross-sell, down-sell, get word-of-mouth sales, and so on.

I’m in business for me.

And you need to be in business for you.

(Not some greedy guru or maniacal MLM.)

Here’s another more recent example to drive home that point:


See what I mean?  You can make someone else rich or you can make yourself rich.  Your choice.

All I know is: what we do makes those low-paying, no control, hyper competitive opportunity-seeking methods seem obsolete.

(Yet, that’s what the gurus tell you to go do.  Hmm.)

More on that in a sec.

As far as Dan goes, dude’s been doing damage on the internet for years now.

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If you watched my Cabo Confessions video, you know I didn’t originally create this blog to hate on MLM.

But here I am, hydrated off Haterade, talking all sorts of smack.

What can I say?  Californ-I-A?

Sometimes business takes unexpected turns.  I was lost for a minute.

Luckily, I woke up one morning and it was like I pulled up Google Maps on my iPhone 5s and some chick (who sounded a lot like a computer) was kind enough to offer voice-guided directions.

“In.  Two.  Hundred.  Feet.  Make a u-turn.  Onto.  Sanity.  Street,” is what she would’ve said.  Plus or minus, “dumb-ass” at the end.

And so I did.

Hand over hand, I cranked the wheel of this blog and headed in the exact opposite direction I’d been traveling.

Do I regret experimenting with MLM in the beginning?

Not at all.  On top of making a killing and becoming a better marketer, I met so many cool peeps that I’ll be friends with for life.

I also saw, firsthand, why swarms of networkers were falling flat on their face.

This insight was the catalyst for two brand new businesses, both of which jived with the “Law of Effection” I’d just learned about from MJ DeMarco’s The Millionaire Fastlane:

The Law of Effection fundamentally states that: the more lives you affect in an entity you can control, in scale and/or magnitude, the more successful you will become.

In simple terms, Net Profit = Units Sold (Scale) x Unit Profit (Magnitude).

So while you can get rich helping a ton of people in a small way or a few people in a massive way, tycoons do both.

They provide immense value–that justifies high price points–to sweeping super fans across the globe.

Think Apple, yo.

And so here I am, throwing the MLM community a liferaft.

Saving cemetery-bound business builders from the inevitable.  Not because I’m a saint.  But because I saw millions of mofos in desperate need of a plan B.  Preferably, one that works.

With that, today’s topic is sales.  Or lack thereof.

I want you to understand why you’re struggling to sponsor other money-chasers into your filthy scheme.

There are only three possible reasons:

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Turn Down For What? (My Crazy Creativity Hack)

by Brad Campbell on July 26, 2014


I hate cliches.  You should too.  Think about it:

With millions of “me too” marketers all trying to make a living online, you need to be anything but unoriginal, stereotypical, and forgettable if you plan on winning.

Of all the factors that have contributed to my success on the internet, being UNIQUE takes the cake.

Unfortunately, me telling you to just “go out there and do the opposite of what your competitors are doing” may or may not result in mo’ money.

It’s good advice, but it’s also incomplete advice.

So today’s post will reveal the oddball hack I use to piss into the sea of sameness, then part it like Moses, and worm dance my way across it.

Bold, ballsy, and borderline bat shit crazy, proceed to read with caution.

Oh.  And tell your mom.

Here goes — my bizarre but effective recipe for producing more meaningful (or at least, memorable) work as an internet entrepreneur:

Turn Down For What (#TDFW)

For background, press this button, read this article (deadpan delivery is hilarious) and watch this epic fail video (try not to blow milk out your nostrils and all over your lunch tray, dork):

Oh.  My.  God.  Hope the bald guy is okay, but tell me you couldn’t just put that on replay, open a 40 ounce and have the best afternoon.  Ever.

Where was I?

“I’m turnt up on the iMac late night.  That’s why the blog posts you be reading sounding real tight.”  –Me

Yes, I experiment with drugs.

Especially when creating content or blogging.

See, a “sober Brad” tends to be tired, bland, pessimistic and almost antisocial.  So, me, trying to build a 7-figure brand through that state of mind is anything but ideal.

Now.  Before that g-string gets bunched too far up your b-crack, relax, I’m not breaking the law over here.

Nor am I suggesting you should.

I’m talking mainly about the two most widely used drugs of all time: caffeine and alcohol.  And whatever’s in the occasional over-the-counter stimulant.

Surely you’ve done online work before while sipping Starbucks, so nothing new there.

But the careful consideration, timing and cocktailing of mind and mood-altering substances is where I’m different.

I don’t “waste” my high.

Or leave it to chance.

I make sure the fun-loving, free-flowing, amped-up, energetic B-Diddy peaks at just the right time, when I’m cranking out my most important tasks.

Here’s a game plan that never fails me:

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I’ll shoot straight.

It’s got nothing to do with following your passion, thinking happy thoughts, dreaming big or working hard.

And it sure as shit has nothing to do with picking the right sponsor or joining the right MLM.

Are there peeps who’ve made millions online doing the above?

Yes.  They’re called exceptions.

Or really really really good marketers.

Assuming you’re average, what advice can I offer to help you make millions on the internet?

In a few words, here it is: stop being self-centered.

That’s the number one thing I did to slap $30k/month on the ass, sprint right past it, and give $75k/month a wet willy.

And as I take the next leap, from $75k/month to $100k/month, it’ll be more of the same.

Instead of being selfish, I’ll cater to the selfish.

Lucky for me (and you), the world is full of selfish assholes.  So to cash-in, all you do is switch focus from you to them.

You stop chasing money and start meeting demand.

Your actions are driven by solving problems, fulfilling needs, removing pain, or increasing pleasure.

Not by trying to piggyback off a hot trend or force yourself into a transaction as an unnecessary, low paid, zero control, pesky middleman.

Affiliate marketers?  Network marketers?  Guess what?

Nobody needs ‘em.

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