Vemma was a multi-level marketing company.

Now, apparently, they’re an affiliate marketing company.  Whatevs.

They offer a few different products: a Verve energy drink, their “Bod-e” transformation supplements, and now a NEXT nutritional line for kids.

But, let’s face it, like most MLM operations, it’s unlikely the company would exist today if it weren’t for their over-the-top money-making opportunity.

From a distance, Vemma’s marketing M.O. seems to be this: sell the Versace lifestyle — not literally, but figuratively — to students who wanna go fast and look sexy.

Does that sound about right?

And it appears to be working pretty damn well.

Vemma has over 100,000 active affiliates last I checked.  Most of ‘em?  College kids.  And as you might expect, almost none are wearing designer clothes, driving Lambos and jet-setting all across the globe.

At least, not on Vemma’s dime.

According to their own income disclosure, over 97% of affiliates make less than $12, 126 per year, with 87% making less than $3,673 annually.

As The Situation might say, “Not good, bro.”

Again.  Whatevs.  I’m not here to play scam buster like all these other idiots I see online.

Do I agree with manipulative marketing practices, especially when aimed at young adults without a whole lot of life experience?  Absolutely not.

I’ll always have an ethical problem with network marketing.

I tried to ignore it last year, giving a different company an honest shot — even made quite a bit of money — but that icky feeling resurfaced.  Whether you build it online or offline, it just seems slimy to me.

And I agree that some do have great products.  Vemma may very well be in that group.  I don’t know.  I’ve never tired their stuff.

But it’s the biz opp side of things that’s consistently deceitful in my opinion.  Yes, even with the “good” companies.

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Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Empire (or MOBE for short or My Top Tier Business for confusion) is a pretty hot topic these days.

I’ve seen swarms of affiliates and network marketers join the past few months.

There are plenty of reviews floating around the internet on MOBE already, so I’m not going to bother doing one myself.

Instead, I’m here to talk about your chances of making money with it.

To which I’d say?  Sure, if you’re the Michael Jordan of marketing.

Or, hell, at least Scottie Pippen.

Dennis Rodman?  Okay, you might see a commission now and then.

But outside of all-star marketers — like John Chow, Shaqir Hussyin, Bill and Michelle Pescosolido, et cetera — your chances of making money with My Online Business Empire fall off in a hurry.

Unlike all the other trolls out there, I don’t have anything negative to say about Matt Lloyd or his MOBE movement.

Seems like quality training, reputable leaders, and legit big ticket earning potential.

The problem I have, after firsthand experience with a very similar deal, is that, no matter how great the opportunity, it can’t defy math.

It’s hard to resist thousand dollar commissions and hands-free sales.

Trust me, I get it.

I see why everyone’s standing in line at the Kool Aid keg with their red plastic cups.

A year ago, I probably would’ve been right there with you.

“Grab my ankles, boys, I’m about to show you how a real man does a keg stand,” I might’ve said.

(Side note: buffalo wings dipped in ranch sounds ah-mazing right now.)


It’s like this: every day a trendy business opportunity like MTTB gets more and more cutthroat.

Speaking of cutthroat, what’s interesting about these things is that your success is a double-edged sword.  You literally start cutting your own throat if you’re lucky enough to even make money.

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"I had a great meeting with the $66.9 billion dollar man, Mr. Warren Buffett. We talked about how we could turn a $100 million of my assets to $1 billion. Mr. Warren Buffett is the original founder of The Money Team, he's just one of my billionaire buddies." -- from Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Instagram

“I had a great meeting with the $66.9 billion dollar man, Mr. Warren Buffett. We talked about how we could turn a $100 million of my assets to $1 billion. Mr. Warren Buffett is the original founder of The Money Team, he’s just one of my billionaire buddies.” — from Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Instagram

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will make at least $32 million for his rematch against Marcos Maidana tonight.

Maidana?  Is guaranteed just $3 million, which is actually double what he earned the first time they fought.


How can two elite boxers do the same thing, in the same ring, and one comes out making 11-22 times as much money?  I’ll get to that in a second.

But before I do, why should you care?

I’ll tell you why.  Because, in the online business world, you’re the other guy.  Maidana.  No one knows your name.  No one cares about you.

No one feels bad that you worked every bit as hard as “Money” Mayweather, and will endure the same grueling punishment inside that ring, but walk out with practically nothing compared to the champ.

This is literally the perfect way to compare life as an affiliate marketer or MLM’er to creating your own products and services.

Floyd sells his own shit — and does it in a big way.

He controls most of the revenue for the fight, from pay-per-view sales, to the gate, to foreign television sales, to sponsorships, plus merchandise and so on.

The other guy?  He’s more like a network marketer, earning a measly commission for working just as hard (or harder), while Showtime, Mayweather and everyone else takes their cut first.

I spent the first four years of my internet career fighting as the other guy.

I didn’t know any better.

I was just as talented as the gurus, probably ran circles around them in terms of hustle, and was lucky to scrape together a few thousand bucks a month.

The past six months, I decided enough was enough.

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Hey, I’m Brad Campbell, affiliate marketing mentor to the stars.

I just joined forces with my player partner Dan Klein, who’s an internet marketing consultant (that’s fancy talk for digital gangster) in his own right.  Together, we bring you “Job Killing.”

Click here to view testimonials or apply.

So you probably already know my back story.

I was a pharmacist.  Until I blew up my internet business.

Retired at 31 years young, I’m now pulling down over seven times what I did as a Doctor of Pharmacy.

That’s trippy.

Here’s a recent screenshot from my business checking account:


Notice the teeny-tiny affiliate commissions?

And the fatty $12,521 deposit?

Yeah, well, there’s a reason we don’t teach affiliate marketing or network marketing.  Actually, a few:

  • You don’t get paid dick
  • Payment processor fees are a bitch
  • It takes weeks, sometimes months to get paid
  • You have no “back end” which is where all the BIG money is

Once I realized this, I stopped everything I was doing and revamped my entire online business.

Now?  I’m in control.

I get paid what I’m worth.  Immediately.  And every month thereafter.  I take home 97% of every dime I earn.  Most importantly, I have the ability to up-sell, cross-sell, down-sell, get word-of-mouth sales, and so on.

I’m in business for me.

And you need to be in business for you.

(Not some greedy guru or maniacal MLM.)

Here’s another more recent example to drive home that point:


See what I mean?  You can make someone else rich or you can make yourself rich.  Your choice.

All I know is: what we do makes those low-paying, no control, hyper competitive opportunity-seeking methods seem obsolete.

(Yet, that’s what the gurus tell you to go do.  Hmm.)

More on that in a sec.

As far as Dan goes, dude’s been doing damage on the internet for years now.

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