I'm Brad Campbell aka "Profit Pimp" and here on Lazy MLM I show network marketers how to go fast and look sexy using the internet.

Because home parties, 3-way calls and pitching friends and family is lame, slow, scuzzy and awkward.

To discover how I took this blog from zero to more than $40,000 per month pound your mouse right here.

Or: “World’s Ugliest Website Generates Zero-Effort Income, Month After Month, For 3 Years Running…”

Relax, this isn’t the newest make money online ClickBank product.

No paid actors, green screen or highly hyped long form sales letter.  Pinky promise.  I’ll let my dirty, Dan, explain.  (Not as in he never showers, but as in a gangster slang term for “friend.”)

See this coaching page for deets on “The Clique.”

Couple things:

One, I’m not going away from my online network marketing business.

Still love me some Empower Network to death.

That’ll never change.

Plus, I just launched an AdvoCare business that I’m equally pumped about.  I’ve already sponsored close to 20 people with that one simple page and plan on two-stepping that thing straight to $30,000 per month.

(Like I did with Empower Network.  Or maybe even faster, since there’s way more search traffic and almost zero competition).

There’s a “but” coming.

Sponsoring people is no joke.  I used to think that ranking on page one of Google was all it took.

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How Do Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

by Brad Campbell on April 12, 2014 in Copywriting

Hot copy allows you to ask that to your blog readers.

That’s the kick we’re on.  Copywriting.  That thing that takes you from lonely and awkward to blogging Don Juan.  Closing deals.  Cooking eggs.

“Thanks for the great time last night.”

“No, no, pleasure’s all mine,” says your PayPal account.

(Here’s mine.)


[Play on playaaa.]

As you tighten up your words like a Phillips twisting on a crosshead screw–righty tighty, lefty loosy–you’ll experience something amazing:


Apply more torque?  Get more sales.

(Damn that’s tight.  Any tighter and you might strip it, you silky smooth sentence slinging sexpot.)

Sound about right?  Haha.

Slow down there, Gonzalez.  You ain’t there yet.  Neither am I.

Which is why we’ve got work to do.

Homework time.  I’m giving us both an assignment.  Right here, right now.  Ready for it?

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I preach a lot about SEO and getting ranked in Google.

But it’s only half the battle.  The other half?  Your words.  Especially in network marketing, where prospects are literally sponsor shopping as I type.

(Throw me in your cart.)

You know what?

Shopping’s actually a damn good way to think about this.

Let’s say you’re a bag of chips.  Positioned on the bottom shelf of the chip aisle.  Unremarkable packaging.  Boring branding.

Susie comes strolling down the aisle.

Smacking her gum, as she gossips openly into her iPhone.  Loud enough for anyone within two rows to hear, of course.

(Really Susie?  TMI.  Target shoppers don’t wanna hear about your bestie’s nightclub mishap.)

Then, out of nowhere…

The squeaky wheel on Susie’s cart goes silent.  Her words trail off.

She’s parked right in front of you.  Susie’s fiending for some chips and salsa.  Now’s your chance.

“Oooo… oooo… pick me, pick me!” you attempt to scream.

Only you can’t speak.  You’re a bag of chips.  Focus.

All you want is to be licked and dipped.  (You salty SOB, you.)  But Susie says “talk to the hand” and opts for the Tostitos Scoops instead.

Which were conveniently positioned at eye-height.

And housed in a bold blue bag with colorful copy and topped off with a recognizable brand.

You really never stood a chance.

Oh, snap.  She didn’t just do that… did she?

To add insult to injury, Susie kicks your Thick & Chunky cousin with her hot pink stiletto as she lunges for a jar of Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa.

Fucking Tostitos.

And the rich get richer.

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12:01 AM :: Just Switched From Coffee To Wine

by Brad Campbell on April 1, 2014 in Motivation

What?  How’s a dude ever gonna get tired?

Yep, I’m the idiot who chugged a half-a-pot of coffee at 10 pm.  I agree.  It was stupid.

So now I’m overcompensating.  Don’t judge me.

Anyways, 12:01 am.

We’re one effing minute into April, 2014.  I finished up March with a big ol’ bang.  Thanks to Empower Network and Vick Strizheus’ Internet Traffic Formula launch.

(Knuckles, dudes.)

Here’s my monthly video to let ya know what’s new:

PS – Is it just me or do I need to get back to adding some damn value?

Feel like all I’ve done past few months is showoff how much money I’m making with almost no work put in.

Which is cool and all.

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MLM Coach Launches Mentoring Program

MLM Coach fesses up: I’m not neglecting Lazy MLM. It’s just that, I don’t really need to blog anymore.  This thing’s running all over Google like a treadmill. My posts are superglued to page one. At this point, I couldn’t avoid commissions if I tried.  So I got to thinking: why not expand my rank […]

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Find Hill, Flip Bird, Collect Check

If your blog isn’t generating the income you’d like it to, see this: That’s a damn-good analogy. I’ve been avoiding the hill for way too long. Even at $40,000 a month with this unsuspecting, plain Jane, money machine I call Lazy MLM, I find myself opting for the longer, slower, easier route most days. Yes, […]

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Lawrence Tam: Engineering Blog Traffic

Get it?  Engineering? (Lawrence Tam was an engineer before grabbing that Empower Network millionaire ring.  Yep, hard to believe dude’s done 7-figures already.  Most of it part-time, when he was still doing whatever mechanical engineers do.) I know, terrible joke, but it was all I could come up with. After the boos quiet down, I’ll […]

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Chris Record: How To 10x Your Life

Whaddya gonna do in 2014? We’re three months deep in this thang.  How’d the first two treat you?  If you answered, “not good,” this concept might help. So in my quest to revisit and recommit to the eight core commitments, I’m midway through my audio for today. Commitment number six is to listen to audios […]

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This Is The Hotness

Not to go all cheerleader on ya, but I can’t help but talk about my movement a little more than usual lately. Why?  ‘Cause Empower Network is the hotness.  That’s why. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving. Dave Wood, Dave Sharpe and new CEO Jonathan Cronstedt have been making big moves already in […]

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Blogging O.G. Reviews Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System

Welcome to my review of the Viral Blogging System and Fast Start Training. You get both for $25 per month. This is Empower Network’s entry level product.  And what most people are referring to when they say something like, “I sponsored two people today.” Meaning, they got two $25 Viral Blogging System sales. We straight […]

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2/24/14 Empower Hour Call: Crush Code

Okay, dusted off my keyboard.  Now, if I can just remember how to type. It’s been a while. The past couple months have been very un-Brad.  I think I’ve done, what, like three blog posts in the past 60 days?  Un-good.  Dude. There are excuses, yes. I’ve been sick, multiple times.  Went on a lil […]

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Empower Network Launch Party

Crank the music, mix a drink, who ordered the stripper? Welcome to your official Empower Network launch party.  Let’s get stupid. Shall we? Expect a call from me within 24 hours of signing up. It’ll be short and sweet. I just wanna welcome you to the team, get to know you a little bit better, […]

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