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I’ll shoot straight.

It’s got nothing to do with following your passion, thinking happy thoughts, dreaming big or working hard.

And it sure as shit has nothing to do with picking the right sponsor or joining the right MLM.

Are there peeps who’ve made millions online doing the above?

Yes.  They’re called exceptions.

Or really really really good marketers.

Assuming you’re average, what advice can I offer to help you make millions on the internet?

In a few words, here it is: stop being self-centered.

That’s the number one thing I did to slap $30k/month on the ass, sprint right past it, and give $75k/month a wet willy.

And as I take the next leap, from $75k/month to $100k/month, it’ll be more of the same.

Instead of being selfish, I’ll cater to the selfish.

Lucky for me (and you), the world is full of selfish assholes.  So to cash-in, all you do is switch focus from you to them.

You stop chasing money and start meeting demand.

Your actions are driven by solving problems, fulfilling needs, removing pain, or increasing pleasure.

Not by trying to piggyback off a hot trend or force yourself into a transaction as an unnecessary, low paid, zero control, pesky middleman.

Affiliate marketers?  Network marketers?  Guess what?

Nobody needs ‘em.

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There are two things that really annoy me:

  1. People
  2. Muskmelon

Muskmelon because it tastes like toes and smells like body odor, and people for the obvious reasons: selfies, left-lane drivers, the passenger sitting three rows behind me on the airplane who thinks he’s in a bigger hurry than me (try to cut me when we get off this thing and see what happens).

But I try my best to tolerate people, you know?

It’s “sheeple” I’ve given up on.

You’ve heard that term before, right?  A word play on people who take on sheep-like characteristics?

Conforming to society’s definition of normal, blindly following the masses, just wanting to fit in, et cetera, et cetera.

And while sometimes the end result is as innocent as suffering through another episode of American Idol or The Voice or America’s Got Talent or whichever program the herding dog says is hot, other times, the consequences are much more severe.

As in, your happiness gets kicked in the kidney.  Ouch.

We make critical, life-altering decisions based solely on what we see everyone else doing, what we presume they’re thinking and what we hear them saying, usually without ever even considering what we really want.

It’s why I became a pharmacist.

What?  You think I woke up one day and said, “You know, pharmacokinetics is just plain sexy.”  “Sign me up for that shit.”

Uh, no.

I did it because.

Because society said to.

Because my parents would be proud.

Because that’s the blueprint I was taught: school, degree, job.

Because that was my only option.  Or so I thought.

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Victim Vinny versus Profit Pimp is an entertaining way to compare the “old Brad” to the “new Brad.”

The Brad that made every mistake and no money…

… against the Brad that grossed over $75k in June of 2014, using nothing more than a MacBook Air.

While neither character is real, their behaviors (and results) most certainly are.

And like it or not, you’re one of ‘em right now.  To find out which, read every word on this page.

Meet Victim Vinny

vv-storyHey there, I’m Vinny.  Full-time employee, part-time online marketer.

Won’t be long though, until I crack the code on this internet marketing stuff and tell my boss to eat it.

I can feel it.  My breakthrough is right around the corner.

I’ve been at it, off and on, for almost 3 years now.

What do I do?  Well, it’s complicated.  I do a lot!  But in a nutshell, I sell other people’s products and services in exchange for a commission.

It’s pretty cool because I don’t hafta mess with any of the BS that comes with creating products or supporting customers.

I just rank my websites in Google and let sales trickle in.

–Victim Vinny

So there’s that.  The early days of Brad.

(The wannabe laptop baller.)

Now I’d like to introduce you to my alter ego.  The new school Brad.

Meet Profit Pimp

Profit-Pimp-blog-picWhaddup, I’m Percy, but I go by Profit Pimp.

I murdered my miserable 9 to 5 by using the internet to solve a serious problem for local business owners.

I zigged when everyone else zagged.  Instead of chasing money, I filled voids.

That’s why I’m ultra successful.

Now?  Like gin and juice into my bedazzled purple pimp cup, money pours into my bank account.

My online business is predictable, scalable, built for the long-term and powered by systems.

Gotta run.  Off to Cabo San Lucas for the second time in 3 months.

–Profit Pimp

And that’s a reflection of the internet marketer I am today.

Only with way more swagger than I have in real-life.


Unfortunately, the transition from small-thinking-opportunity-seeking-always-a-victim-Vinny to big-thinking-value-adding-digital-gangster-Percy took a lot longer than I care to admit.

My Journey As “Victim Vinny”

Heroin.  The moment I got online to pursue the dot com lifestyle, I was hooked.

But just like a junkie, no one hit was ever good enough.

I bounced around from one guru to the next, opting into email lists like my inbox did me dirty.  Payback, sucker!

What little time I had outside of grueling 10 and 12-hour shifts at Walgreens (pro pill pusher, thank you very much), was sucked dry by gizmos, gadgets, hypey sales letters and other shiny shit.

I bought everything I crossed paths with.

(As long as it was under $500.)

Bounced from one “little-known loophole” to the next.

If it appeared to be fast and easy, who was I to deny it?

I was an opportunity-chasing-whore.  Jumping into bed with anyone or anything that promised hands-free commissions.

And when it failed–as it always did–it was never my fault.

“That greedy guru lied to me, dammit!”

I was always the victim.

Sooner or later, I wised up.  Well, a little.  I got help for my addiction.  No more quick fixes and short-lived highs.

I took the needle outta my arm.

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In a nutshell: because it was stupid.  Here’s more:

Drop your email below to unlock a second video that pulls back the curtain on our Local Mogul model:

And if you want the full story, here goes.

Up until 2013, I never gave MLM the time of day.  Always thought it was super slimy.

Mostly because traditional multi-level marketing companies want you to build your business by pressuring friends and family to join.

You know the deal.

Mix in awkward home parties, uncomfortable 3-way calls, and laughable lines about “if you get two and they get two and they get two, you’ll be a millionaire in no time,” and I pretty much wanted to put my size 12 Puma to the face of anyone who tried to pitch me on their silly lil’ opportunity.

Back to early 2013.

I was having some success as an affiliate marketer.

Mostly by reviewing popular ClickBank products in the health and fitness niche, then ranking those reviews at the top of Google.

But that shit got old.  Fast.

Rinky-dink commissions.  Ridiculous refund rates.  Rising competition.

Ughh.  Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

What appeared to be the ultimate way to make passive income online really ended up being the digital equivalent of cleaning toilets.  Dirty toilets.  At a busy truck stop.

Flush that noise.

“There’s gotta be a better way,” I thought.

So I went looking for a solution.  Something that would pay significantly more per sale, with lower refunds, less competition and more leverage.

Enter Empower Network.

Everyone and their brother were spamming the internet with one-liners about “100% commissions” and “not being a wussy.”

As much as my anti-MLM meter went berserk, warning me not to touch it with a 10 foot pole, eventually, I caved.

All-in I went, to the tune of over $5,000.

I was ready for 50 inch screens and money-green leather sofas… perhaps two rides, a limousine and a chauffeur.

Is that too much to ask, Biggie?

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